Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I sit in the front seat.

I buckle in the baby in the rear facing carseat. I leave a bunch of toys and books with him. I kiss him and tell him, I will sit in the front. With daddy.

I do. I sit in the front. Sometimes I drive, while my husband sits next to me.

We hold hands sometimes.

We talk. A lot.

We fall silent and get lost in our own thoughts, a lot too. And we love our companionable silence.

We play music, a lot.

We share a cup of Coffee.

I sometimes read out directions to him. Totally wrong. We get lost many times. Giggle about them sometimes, argue sometimes.

That shared drive time is precious to me. As is my baby. We are in one car. If he has a need, I will address it.  But I really do not see the need to sit with the baby every single moment of a car-ride (75% of which he is asleep. Duh.).

If you are reading this, and you are a new first-time-mother, I just wanted to tell you that it is okay, to let your baby out of your sight , for a few moments. Its refreshing and a great way of re-connecting with your better-half. 

My baby is precious. Yes. So is my time with my husband. And I love and treasure our car rides so much. So. Much.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Do you know that feeling?

When you want to tell many stories. But the words do not come.
When you want to sing a song, and you forget the words?

Like you want the sun to shine, and its a stubbornly cloudy morning.
Like you want to dunk your feet in water and there is no way to get to the sea.

You want to paint like there will be no tomorrow, but have lost the colours?
You want to talk to a dear friend, and they are not answering the phone?

Its a scary place to be and I am scared.
Do you know that feeling?