Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2013 , a flashback

1. Had a baby. That by default made me an expert on pregnancies, lactation and babies in general. Gave lots of free advice to 4 new moms who had babies after me.
Enough said on that front.
2. Travelled to LA and Cancun,Mexico. Major fun was had and good food was eaten.
3. Became a kickass tambrahm cook.
4. Converted baby to a foodie and a Sanjay sub fan. #win
5. Made many many new awesome friends and will always remain thankful to Facebook secret groups for that.
6. Soon to be PC Sriram's assistant at the rate at which photos are being taken.
7. Mastered many rhymes.
8. Killed my blog with my own bare hands, hence reviewing 2013 in the month of Feb 2014.
9. Got incredibly lucky on the husband front. Five years since B and me have been married. He stumped me by being the awesomest new dad in town. No wonder that baby is crazy about him. Woke up every night along with me to soothe the baby. Made and washed.bottles and allowed me a few extra hours of precious sleep. Total rock star husband and dad material ! 

Have a good year , and Oh, if you have any questions about babies, you know whom to turn to.


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I Romanticize said...

That sounds like a beautiful year and I hope that your years keep getting better :-) <3