Monday, March 25, 2013


Hellow World!

I am almost a mommy. Well, been ready to be a mommy for the past 39weeks and 4 days, but then, this little man is taking his own sweeeeeet time to show me his cute face.

Parents, Sister and Husband look at me constantly ask... anything new? As if I will go into labor without telling them and have this baby and not show them.:-/

We thought he will come on Amavasya, it came and went. We thought he will come on Tiruvadirai, it came and went. We thought..punarvasu? It also came and went.

Now to wait for the awesomest day of the year @ Srirangam, Panguni Uthram. Pretty please?? 

I am as terrified of labor as I am excited to see my little one. I have heard some major major nasty stories by now. Almost everyone shares their birth stories, down to the last most minutest of detail of how many ounces of blood they lost. How many cms they dilated, when they asked for epidural, if the threw up while delivering, how many c-sec stiches they had, how long they nursed their babies...Eeeeeeks.

Ofcourse its a natural process, but please, spare me the details else I am having nightmares!

Btw, I cant help, but to wonder, why is God's hardware design process so bad?

Cant I just go to the bathroom, throw up and Lo and behold, a baby comes out of the mouth and falls into the sink? Just imagine, how cool will that be?!!

While I let my imagination run wild, see other people's baby pics, touch my baby's clothes and just..............wait.

Pray for me. See you all on the other side.