Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy 4th Year!

Dear Balaji,

"Happy Wedding Anniversary No:4".

Cant believe how time has flown. As I think back of all the wedding madness and all the geenral madness over the last 4 years, it feels soo...right. As if, it were meant to be. As if the years ahead are meant to be.

So, why am I wishing you on my blog and not just write you an email? Well, should the world not know how awesome you are? Or how awesome we are? Or how awesome love is? Come On!!

Thank you for being my dream husband. For actually making me complete things I always leave half-done. For helping me learn new skills. For teaching me to cook, run, learn tamizh. For tirelessly following me around when I make crazy trip plans and helping me see the places I always wanted to see.

For everything you have done for me, I seem to have given you nothing in return. I plan to do that in the next 4 years. I plan to help you achieve your dreams, tick off your bucket list and focus on You for the next 4 years. And 4 years after that, it will be my turn again. Deal? I know you will say "Deal", with an impish dimple.

Oh, btw, please remind me of the deal again when I am busy planning a crazy US cross country road trip or planning my free-fall from 18000ft okay? :-)

Thanks for everything and Happy Anniversary again B!

Stay Awesome.

With tonns of ghee dripping chakkrapongalish love >:D<,
V and our-little-yet-to-be-born ace footballer, who is at the moment kicking away his wishes!

PS: I write this one day in advance, since I want you to read this the first thing tomorrow morning.