Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Now what?

Well, I don't know the first thing about parenting. Just by observing some parents in the real world, you get a fair idea of what to do and more importantly, what not to do. Here is my compilation of what I will and will not do.

Now, we think and plan and make lists.
I will:
1. I will BE firm, yet treat him with love.
2. I WILL feed him healthy food.
3. I WILL ensure he does one creative activity and one sport other than his school.
4. I WILL expose him to music and languages.
5. I WILL teach him about God and then let him make his choices about his spiritual life.
6. I WILL try my best to be a good parent.
7. I WILL have a life of my own outside of my child and the exciting happenings of his life.
8. I WILL give my husband, family and friends the time and love that they deserve.

I will NOT:
1. I will NOT tell him , "Dont do this, coz I SAID so".
2. I will NOT smother him and bring him up as a sissy.
3. I will NOT let him bully other kids or get bullied.
4. I will NOT let him dis-respect anyone or be unkind to anyone. Children have this tendency to be mean sometimes. I hate mean kids. I cannot bring myself to smile at them. 
5. I will NOT tolerating binge eating or junk food habit.
6. I will NOT brag about my son and his achievements.
7. I will NOT Post random pics of him on Facebook.  He might grow up, see them and be ashamed of me.
8. I will NOT let this blog become a Mommy's blog.

 Apart from all the exciting resolutions that I just made, Let me tell you, I just got kicked. Hard.

And it feels awesome :-)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Coming Soon...

No. This is not a movie announcement. Well..it could be.

Just that, this time, its a movie for a lifetime.

I wish I had a better creative way of expressing this, but..since I do not....Let the picture do the talking.

And....the party begins in our world filled with madness, chaos, confusion, terror, excitement, joy, anticipation and love.