Friday, October 26, 2012


Learning a language is one of the most enriching things to happen to people. I have been brought up in various parts of India and speak quite a few Indian languages fluently. Sadly, my mother tongue was ignored and I do not know to read or write tamizh.

I take NO pride in admitting it. I feel sad and guilty and even envious of people who can read the language. It looks beautiful on paper. The literature has existed for more than 2000 years and is said to be very rich. I have plenty of time suddenly on my hands and decided to learn a new language. Strangely, I was contemplating French or Spanish or Italian. A friend casually opened the tamizh news app on the iPad and made me read a few letters. I got hooked.

I stared practicing to write the letters to gain familiarity and almost within a week, able to read a few words while they scroll on TV.

I am still not good enough to read an entire article or a story in the newspaper, but I will get there by the end of this year.

This is so liberating and I feel amazingly accomplished!

மீண்டும் சந்திக்கும் வரை,Vasumathi :D :D