Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life now...

Life now, is new. Is different. Is more peaceful. I love waking up to birds chirping. Every morning.

Life now, is Quiet. Less polluted. Clean roads. People who stop at stop signs and stop on red and move on green.

Life now is a lot of cooking, baking, eating.

Life now is about greeting random strangers and speaking to them in a sing song voice. Very different from where I come from. The packed elevators where people used to be poker faced, is now, a distant memory :-)

Life now is about learning to drive. With the steering on the left. No gears. More importantly, no clutch. Which means, I still dont know what to do with my left leg.

Life now, is being amazed by how people are so un-self-concious while using the toilets in a mall or anywhere else. The restrooms are well...almost...open? Everytime, I cringe at the thougtlessness of the restroom designers.

Life niw, is all about calculating time zone difference before making phone calls to friends and family..

Yet, I love this change.

Life now, is a life I love.

Life now, is Free of baggage. Full of love.

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