Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The silence

We just moved to our new appartment. And its...quiet. Like really really really quiet. I can sometimes hear my own heartbeat. Its that quiet.

And what do you think I do with so much silence around? I dream. Of a beautiful garden that I am going to have in my patio.

I dream of food to cooked for dinner. I dream of running on the roads, without any worry and without carrying the burden of my nightmares.

I dream of the awesome silence that my husband I share, while he works and while I walk around him searching for something. I dream of a walk around every ailse of the shopping market looking for designer brooms, mat and trash cans.

Then I come back to reality.Then, this silence becomes very loud. Too much to bear and too much to digest.

Oh, this aweful, beautiful, loud silence.