Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Special Rendezvous

So, there are ordinary mundane days and there are blessed magical days. Today was one. I am trembling as I write this. My eyes are blurry and there is only one voice that is ringing in my ears.

Dr.Bombay Jayashri.

What. A. Woman.

I have always been madly in love with her voice for years now. But today, I fell in love with the person. Her warmth, her ways, her subtle smiles, her corner-of-the-eye looks. Big thanks to M, for taking me along for the concert today, taking Balaji and me inside the green room. M had already spoken to her about Balaji and me and our "kanden seethayai" request.

She smiles so sweetly and autographed our 'Voices Within' book saying, I will sign next to my name, whenever you meet Krishna, ask him to sign on the other side :) :)

Truely stirring moment when she sang our request for us. I had tears rolling down my eyes while Balaji held my hand with a wide smile :) A dream that we nurtured for 3 years came true today. I am still trembling as I type.

We waited to thank her near the green room. I must have thanked her 5 times, she smiles and says, "anytime" while I thought to myself, "yeah right. 3 years". :)

Loads of people just mobbed her for pics and autographs. I felt bad for her as she was clearly squirrming in front of the cameras :(

Someone gave her a bouquet, and just before leaving, she gives me the flowers and tells Balaji, "continue to be together like this forever". I still cannot wipe that grin off my face.

This is what God does to you. Gives you surprises. Shows you that you are special to him. Tells you there are many reasons to smile. This is what unconditional love feels like.

Just like what I have for my Bombay Jayashri.


Rajgopal Kishore said...

Hello my dear, wonderful! I understand!

Who are you!!?

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

Thanks Sir. Your question is interesting. I have been searching for an answer for years now :)

Kidding. I heard you speak at one of Silicon India's BI conferences in 2010..so added you on twitter i assume, you got this link from my twitter profile?