Friday, May 18, 2012

I Hate Nightmares

Have I told you before? I hate nightmares.

Your heart trembles after a nightmare and you have no way to stop it from trembling. You can forget thesleep you were planning to get. Wonder whats the root cause of these bad dreams.

They creep up from somewhere behind a dark corner of your mind. Find you just when you are weak and vulnerable. And pounce on you. Attack you again and again till you wake up screaming or crying or both.

It sometimes feels like they are an extension, a part 2 of a dream you were having in a nap you had short while ago. But that was sweet, and this one...gruesome.

Then it takes hours and sometimes days to forget them. To forget the wailing you heard. To forget the voices that spoke. To forget the words that were spoken.

I dont care about my dreams, they just come and go. Sometimes make me smile and At other times, I dont even remember them.

But, I hate nightmares.

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