Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Its Complicatedly Simple

Eh? What? Complicatedly Simple? Is that even a thing?

Yes. It is. Our relationships are complicated and our relationships are simple.

My mother yells at me for something. Its complicated. I soothe her and give her an explanation. Its simple.

I am angry with my husband. He is angry with me. Its complicated. After 5 minutes of fuming, we reach out to each other. Cry if needed. Talk. Vent it out and get done with it. Its simple.

It works the same way with our in-laws.

We all need reassurances. To love, to be loved in return.
To feel secure and to be made to feel secure.

What does it make us? Does it makes us simply complicated?

No. I think, it makes us Human.

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