Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lost and trying to be found.

I have been walking and walking and walking. I get tired. I decide to turn back. Suddenly tired and terrified. I had no place to go to that I could call my own. Nobody whom I could call my own either. There was no voice in my head. No song on my lips. No light in my eyes. No warm clothes as I shivered in the wind.

Thats when I saw her. 

She had a similar look on her face. I started looking at her more closely and could almost read her thoughts. Wherever she turned, she found people with malice. Hating her. Waiting for a chance to put her down. Waiting to screw her relationships. Waiting to ruin her happiness. She was just wandering around. Trying to go away to some place where nobody knew her. Where she knew nobody. She wanted to just go away. But she wanted to go home too. She was lost. Confused and very tired with it all. Just as I was.

But those moments passed, and she knew, she was strong. She could come out of this.  Like she had done hundreds of times before.

And seeing her so strong, I drew strength and I knew I would reach home too. Safe and sound.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I have been day dreaming. Again.

Making sand castles, collecting shells, getting just my feet wet in the salty water. Running behind the wave when it is retreating and screaming and running back towards the shore when a big wave chases me. And then, sitting quietly on the sand and watching the waves crash the shore as the sun says goodbye for the day, promising to come back the next day.

Sitting and watching as the moon comes up. Shining its light on the thousands of stars that twinkling their eyes at you. As if saying, "I know what mischief you are upto, you brat", as you grin back wickedly at them.

Just sitting for sometime without any deadlines, without any fear of tomorrow, without any weight on the shoulder. I so badly want that connect with mother nature, letting her wash gently over me and heal me. Enveloping me in an invisible hug. Because, I so badly want one right now.

Suddenly snapped into reality, as my tummy growls for some yummy right now. I will go and continue my day-dream when my oats is bulbing on the stove. Bye for now.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Its Complicatedly Simple

Eh? What? Complicatedly Simple? Is that even a thing?

Yes. It is. Our relationships are complicated and our relationships are simple.

My mother yells at me for something. Its complicated. I soothe her and give her an explanation. Its simple.

I am angry with my husband. He is angry with me. Its complicated. After 5 minutes of fuming, we reach out to each other. Cry if needed. Talk. Vent it out and get done with it. Its simple.

It works the same way with our in-laws.

We all need reassurances. To love, to be loved in return.
To feel secure and to be made to feel secure.

What does it make us? Does it makes us simply complicated?

No. I think, it makes us Human.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


January 2012 has been such an awesome month. A first of many sorts.

Mangalore half-marathon. Many new dishes cooked @ home. Pani puri, paal payasam, vaazhathandu pacchadi, learnt a new recipe for soup. Need to make it this week and see how it turns out. Hardly ate out. Crossed off important items on the to-do list. Decluttered.

Generally satisfied with myself and the way life is treating us right now.

Hope for a great year ahead and many achievements ahead.

Whattay Month and Whattay Life! 'M Lovin It !