Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Huge Mess

I dont know whats this shady feeling I have.

Just feel like I am floating on water.

No idea of where, which direction, what I will hit on the way. Nothing.

Not happy. Not sad. Just numb, perhaps.

I dont know if I want to to be here or I want it to go away and leave me in peace.

Life goes on as usual. With no change. With all my loved ones safe and healthy.

What is it then? I find myself wondering.

Is it the random bits of music that plays on my mind.

Or is it random voices, snippets of forgotten conversation that are cropping up.

Or are the forgotten faces (or the ones that I have been trying to forget) being unearthed.

What is stranger is that, I dont even know if I like it or not.

All in this mess between two pretty ears of mine. So much mess. So much.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 : Week 1

Happy New Year Everyone!

I had a fabulous start to the year.
-Spent a quiet day @ home on 1st.
-Made pani puri @ home for niece and nephew and we had a riot family time!Btw, Every week, I plan to cook something new (with minimal damage to the kitchen and self ofcourse!) . Plan for Week 2 is Minestrone soup. Watch this space for exciting updates ;-)

- Learnt a new Annamacharya Krithi :-)
- Read 2 books back to back and enjoyed them both.
- Met my best friend and family during the first weekend of the year.  Woot.
- Work has been pretty quiet with most of my developers being on leave :=)
- Celebrated ARR's birthday in the best possible way. By listening to his awesome music and raving about it on chat with my friend and cousin. Yay! Fun times!
-Did not eat out even once during this whole week. I am now officially proud of myself and my cooking abilities.
-Did not go shopping or even think about it. (well, okay thought about it 4 times, but did not go shopping. Really.)
-Have a leg injury and not been running. Cycled around instead. Need to get better soon. Wish me Luck!! 
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you this!!!
-Got chased by a dog. Screamed so loudly that the dog got scared and ran away.
-Was sitting quietly on a bench waiting for Balaji, and one lady from the first floor almost threw a bucket of water on me. She actually threw it, the water splashed 2 meters away from me. I swore. Loudly.
-Other than this, dont remember doing any major comedy.

Hope Week2 is as good as this one minus the dogs and buckets of water being thrown on me :-)

Cheers! See you next week if I dont have any brainwave to write about in the interim.

Lowve and all that.