Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Turning Three!

 Time has this unique way of melting away. You are just standing and watching with your hand outstretched, and just like ice, it melts through your fingers, falls on the ground and dissapears. 

We have been married for three years now. 

1095 days. 26280 hours. 1576800 minutes. 

Ok, we might not have been together every minute….but it definitely feels like it. The countless times we would have fought and made up, the countless times we have cooked for one another, made one another laugh, gone on walks, runs, lunches, dinners, cafe visits, music classes, library visits, trips and  events. The times we have just driven around, lost in silent thoughts. These mundane regular days moments fleet through mind as I aimlessly drive around the city, scaring people as I drive past.

It has been a mad mad whirlwind this far. What I especially loved about these three years, is being cherished. Ofcourse my parents and sister cherished me (and still do! ) for so many years, but its special that someone in the world, whom you did not know 3 years back,  thinks about you 24x7. Someone cares, if you have eaten or not. Someone wipes away your tears when you are sobbing. Someone watches you intently as you smile. Someone wonders what you are praying for, when you stand in the temple with folded hands. Someone tells you that you look beautiful, when you are wearing workout clothes. Someone helps you in the kitchen, when you are exhausted and can’t (be able to) move. Someone cares about your interests and tries to make it his interest too. Someone worries about you constantly. 

What is also interesting is that you learn slowly to reciprocate. You slowly learn to convert arguments into conversations, convert a frown to a giggle. Convert a chore (de-cluttering, cooking, filing papers, bills, bank work) to a bonding exercise. Convert a fitness activity to "our" time. Convert music practice time to "sessions. Give and take feedback, correct one another, mug lines together and when something goes terribly wrong, collapse into helpless giggling. You also learn to convert "his" people to "your" people. This is an always "work-in-progress" task and will remain like that for a few more years. But the learning curve is always there! 
It has been such a fantastic ride so far. I love most of my life's days. There are some that I would like to forget, and with time, I will. There are things I need to work on to smoothen out some things, which still have some wrinkles. Hoping next year and the years ahead will be like that! 

Happy Third Anniversary Balaji!
(This post is late by 4 days.....adjusht please!)


Prasanna Rao said...

Congratulations on your third anniversary :) Its a wonderful feeling to have someone care for you 24/7 :)

sunil deepak said...

Best wishes for continued bonding. Finding poetry (and love) in everyday life chores seems a great receipe for building togetherness :)

Raajii said...

Aww.... that is so beautiful! My romantic heart is fluttering with joy. Congratulations, and I hope you continue to have many more special years :-)

Cloud Nine said...

Awwwww...thats a chweet post, girl! Good luck to you two:) Glad i dropped by here. You have a cute blog here. Following you from now on:)

Cloud Nine said...

Awwwww...thats a chweet post, girl! Good luck to you two:) Glad i dropped by here. You have a cute blog here. Following you from now on:)

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Congrats to you both..