Thursday, December 15, 2011

Love makes you a bad person

I was just sitting by the window at a cafe waiting for my coffee. Earphones firmly plugged in my ears and tapping my fingers to the beat of AR Rahman's music. Something made me look up and stop tapping. I dont remember what exactly. Thats when I saw them. Just sitting quietly holding hands. His fingers gently caressing her hands and the small curve of her lips turn slightly broader. He ordered their coffee without taking his eyes off her. The waiter hurriedly wrote the order and backed off. She pulled back her hand and removed her hairband, to re-tie her ponytail. He continued to look at her, and she looked back him with a raised eyebrow. He burstout laughing and said, "Just how do you do that..create magic with one movement of your eyebrow haan?". She smiled mysteriously, and did not answer. He grabbed her hands again and held them in his own. As if afraid that if he left her for a second, she would melt away or leave him.

I felt something strange stir within while looking at them. Not sure if it was envy or maybe even a little jealousy. Something got stuck in my throat. Like, I could not breathe. I forced myself to look away from them. But there was something so magnetic and so strong about their feelings for one another, that I was forced to look at them again. I almost hated the fact that they had each other at that moment. And I had nobody. I was angry. That you were not around. To hold my hand like that. And to tell me how pretty my eyebrows are.

No, I am bad like that. No, I am mean like that.
Yes, I miss you like that. Yes, I love you like that.


Raajii said...

Aww... that is sweet and sad. When I look at couples like these, I thank god that I was also at 'her' place and I probably be at 'her' place again :-)

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

Good for you honey!

Cloud Nine said...

So sweet:) I could almost feel the warmth and affection from your portrayal. And the last two lines are so melancholic:(

Siju C Antony said...

Your special moments are not far away :)

roopz said...

To tell the truth,I too had awkward moments like this!Well-written :)

village girl

Vasumathi Sridharan said...


How do you know? :-)


Readitt said...

it happens..
we had a mate in the past and not now..

hurts a lot...

deepazartz said...

I think everyone will their share at the 'right' time...:)

Krishnapriya said...

Is that a real incident! or a short fiction! If fiction then i adore your imagination! if fact then again I adore it.. coz it connects.. I have felt the same way once! ;) liked the way u penned it down..

Happy new year wishes!