Saturday, December 31, 2011


Some awesome things that went past...

1. Finished 10k in 3 running events.
2. Became a published writer. Yay.
3. Got lovely music gurus.
4. Drove 200kms on the coimbatore-bangalore highway.
5. Got a lovely garmin forerunner gadget. Double yay.
6. Most of the gifts I gave people this year were handmade.
7. Attended a 2 day spiritual retreat by velukkudi swamy. My year was made then itself!
8. Tried to lead a de-clutered life...not succeeded completely.
9. Learnt to cook healthy and have almost stopped wasting food. Win.
10. Made an attempt to talk to family and friends and keep in touch. Have a long way to go to improve this one..
11. Read some lovely books that inpired me to be a better person.
12. Wrote less. But wrote well ( i think) and hope i can do better in 2012.
13. Made atempts to lead life by being a little spiritually elevated. Major room for improvement here.
14. Wrote 2 whitepapers. Yay.

Had a very very bad year professionally. Moved to a new role and excited about it! Hope 2012 is better!

Very simple aspirations for 2012.

Live healthy. Live happy. Keep everyone around happy.

Cheers and have a good one!

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Nitin Jain said...

What a year Vasumathi. Will like to do many of things what you have done this year.