Saturday, December 31, 2011


Some awesome things that went past...

1. Finished 10k in 3 running events.
2. Became a published writer. Yay.
3. Got lovely music gurus.
4. Drove 200kms on the coimbatore-bangalore highway.
5. Got a lovely garmin forerunner gadget. Double yay.
6. Most of the gifts I gave people this year were handmade.
7. Attended a 2 day spiritual retreat by velukkudi swamy. My year was made then itself!
8. Tried to lead a de-clutered life...not succeeded completely.
9. Learnt to cook healthy and have almost stopped wasting food. Win.
10. Made an attempt to talk to family and friends and keep in touch. Have a long way to go to improve this one..
11. Read some lovely books that inpired me to be a better person.
12. Wrote less. But wrote well ( i think) and hope i can do better in 2012.
13. Made atempts to lead life by being a little spiritually elevated. Major room for improvement here.
14. Wrote 2 whitepapers. Yay.

Had a very very bad year professionally. Moved to a new role and excited about it! Hope 2012 is better!

Very simple aspirations for 2012.

Live healthy. Live happy. Keep everyone around happy.

Cheers and have a good one!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Love makes you a bad person

I was just sitting by the window at a cafe waiting for my coffee. Earphones firmly plugged in my ears and tapping my fingers to the beat of AR Rahman's music. Something made me look up and stop tapping. I dont remember what exactly. Thats when I saw them. Just sitting quietly holding hands. His fingers gently caressing her hands and the small curve of her lips turn slightly broader. He ordered their coffee without taking his eyes off her. The waiter hurriedly wrote the order and backed off. She pulled back her hand and removed her hairband, to re-tie her ponytail. He continued to look at her, and she looked back him with a raised eyebrow. He burstout laughing and said, "Just how do you do that..create magic with one movement of your eyebrow haan?". She smiled mysteriously, and did not answer. He grabbed her hands again and held them in his own. As if afraid that if he left her for a second, she would melt away or leave him.

I felt something strange stir within while looking at them. Not sure if it was envy or maybe even a little jealousy. Something got stuck in my throat. Like, I could not breathe. I forced myself to look away from them. But there was something so magnetic and so strong about their feelings for one another, that I was forced to look at them again. I almost hated the fact that they had each other at that moment. And I had nobody. I was angry. That you were not around. To hold my hand like that. And to tell me how pretty my eyebrows are.

No, I am bad like that. No, I am mean like that.
Yes, I miss you like that. Yes, I love you like that.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Turning Three!

 Time has this unique way of melting away. You are just standing and watching with your hand outstretched, and just like ice, it melts through your fingers, falls on the ground and dissapears. 

We have been married for three years now. 

1095 days. 26280 hours. 1576800 minutes. 

Ok, we might not have been together every minute….but it definitely feels like it. The countless times we would have fought and made up, the countless times we have cooked for one another, made one another laugh, gone on walks, runs, lunches, dinners, cafe visits, music classes, library visits, trips and  events. The times we have just driven around, lost in silent thoughts. These mundane regular days moments fleet through mind as I aimlessly drive around the city, scaring people as I drive past.

It has been a mad mad whirlwind this far. What I especially loved about these three years, is being cherished. Ofcourse my parents and sister cherished me (and still do! ) for so many years, but its special that someone in the world, whom you did not know 3 years back,  thinks about you 24x7. Someone cares, if you have eaten or not. Someone wipes away your tears when you are sobbing. Someone watches you intently as you smile. Someone wonders what you are praying for, when you stand in the temple with folded hands. Someone tells you that you look beautiful, when you are wearing workout clothes. Someone helps you in the kitchen, when you are exhausted and can’t (be able to) move. Someone cares about your interests and tries to make it his interest too. Someone worries about you constantly. 

What is also interesting is that you learn slowly to reciprocate. You slowly learn to convert arguments into conversations, convert a frown to a giggle. Convert a chore (de-cluttering, cooking, filing papers, bills, bank work) to a bonding exercise. Convert a fitness activity to "our" time. Convert music practice time to "sessions. Give and take feedback, correct one another, mug lines together and when something goes terribly wrong, collapse into helpless giggling. You also learn to convert "his" people to "your" people. This is an always "work-in-progress" task and will remain like that for a few more years. But the learning curve is always there! 
It has been such a fantastic ride so far. I love most of my life's days. There are some that I would like to forget, and with time, I will. There are things I need to work on to smoothen out some things, which still have some wrinkles. Hoping next year and the years ahead will be like that! 

Happy Third Anniversary Balaji!
(This post is late by 4 days.....adjusht please!)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Dinner plans?

For a working woman, this is the most dreaded question.

After talking to a bunch of Food bloggers/foodies, i have managed to learn some tips and tricks. The below mentioned salad recipies are super quick, healthy, simple to make and very light on the stomach!

Yogurt based:
Chop onions, cucumber, capcicum, carrots. Keep aside.
If you have bioled corn or peas or any brown beans, feel free to add!
Mince garlic.
Heat the pan.
Pour a drop of olive oil.
Saute the garlic, mustard and a few dals, we like urud dal.
Take yogurt in a bowl and mix it well to get the consistency of sauce. Add salt and pepper as per taste.
Mix the sauted garlic with the yogurt.
Pour this as a dressing over your chopped veggies. Viola! In less than 10 minutes an awesome salad dinner is ready!

Soya sauce based:
Chop onions (longish), capcicum, carrots, tomato (finely) , minced garlic. If you have boiled corn or peas or any of the sprout variety, all the more better!
Heat pan, add a drop of olive oil.
Saute the garlic, onion and tomato.
Add soya sauce, salt and pepper.
Add this to the chopped veggies and mix well.
Another awesome salad ready in 10 minutes with 2 vessels to clean up afterward!

Cornflour based:
We went for a dinner date to pure and natural and had this salad. Highly recommend!

Cook peas (or any of the bean variety will also be good, brown bean, rajma, chickpeas and the like) and set aside.
Take 2 teaspoons of corn flour and mix well in water.
Heat the pan and add the cornflour.
Saute the peas or any other bean you have, add salt, pepper, chilliflakes.
Pour the liquid cornflour in the pan and stir well. And serve.
You can add chopped onions, corriander as dressing.

Buying salad dressing from the store is not advisable. They just carry preservatives and add extra calories.

Eat healthy, think better. Ting ting ti ding!