Tuesday, October 4, 2011


How to start? Where to start?

Kun Faaya Kun ? Katiya karoon ? Sheher mein ? Naandan Parindey ? The Instrumental pieces?

Where? Where does one start when one wants to rant about the awesomeness of ARR's music? I was always unsure, to like Mohit Chauhan or not to like Mohit Chauhan. I am officially now a Mohit convert. The dude is amazing!!! What an album ARR has come up with ! Cha.

My heart smiles after a very long time.

God bless ARR. Keep Rocking.

I <3 you ARR. Enough said.

Your humble and a small time devotee,
Vasumathi Sridharan


deepbaazigar said...

Kun fayan kun is divine..KUDOS to Lyricist too.


Some how This album of his doesnt stand out from the rest of the music director's work. I like sadda hakq...katiya karoon is good..but DEF NOT A.R.R material...
I love selected works of his...this one surely isnt his best! sry for not agreeing with you! :)
btw read in 'about me' column that u r a carnatic music lover??? please do go through this in your spare time. I assure you wont be disappointed. :)


TheBluntBlogger said...

Saddaaa comment --- Ethhheee Rakh :P

I am in love with Rockstar too and I hope Ranbir does justice to the music...