Thursday, October 6, 2011


(definitely more than a quarter and all *ouch*, I just like to think.. quarter.)


There. I have said it. I have NO clue which way I am headed. I have a good education.  Fantastic parents, a very sweet crazy sister. A very nice and caring husband. A job , that pays my shopping bills. I shop occasionally, mind you. Like once in 3-4 months. That too for 5 hours straight. I try out every single garment in the store, till either the store closes, or they throw me out or the husband faints out of exhaustion.

I digressed. See, this is the problem. I still have NO clue where I am headed.

So, I was saying I have a decent live-able life. I have ample hobbies, music, books, food (off-late), painting, running, biking, kickboxing and all that. But still. Half the time, I walk around with that, "what? why? when ? how? " kind of look. Pretty much some sort of empty feeling. Again, its empty. Its not heaviness. If it was, I can find the reason and fix it. Its just...empty.

There is definitely something missing. Like an important piece. I know there is more I can do with life, to help other people, contribute back to the society, do something for the city I live in and so on. But I don't know what to do and where to start. I need to make this shift from being "mediocre" to "awesome" perhaps? I don't know. Honestly.

This important piece. I cannot find it. And I know nobody can help me find it except myself. My blog has probably borne the most of my rants. This one has been an epic rant thus far. And looks like I will keep looking and ranting till I find that missing piece. God help us all.

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Raajii said...

the fact that you are thinking about it shows that you are going to get somewhere... you should be worried if you are not worried (Does this makes sense?) :-)

You are going to figure out sooner or later.... its like you are on your road but you haven't reached the destination yet and if you keep walking, you will :-)