Friday, October 21, 2011

F(H)airy Tale

Nihira looked at Dr.Anuj in disbelief. When she walked into the clinic in the morning, she was so sure her reports would be negative, but it was not. How could it be? She was a model and she took very good care of herself. During her yearly checkup, she had casually mentioned to the doctor about her stomach cramps. The doctor examined her and instantly became skeptic. He hid his fears from her and told her to come back for a battery of tests and samples. They had sent her samples for biopsy and the reports confirmed his suspicion. In front of him right now, sat a stunningly pretty girl with lovely eyes and silky smooth hair, whose body was slowly getting eaten up by cancer.

He almost wanted to reach out to her and hug her. Since it was against the protocol, he remained where he was, gently telling her what lay ahead. He gave her details of chemotherapy and told her in a calm voice that they were going to fight this, come what may and get the cancer out of her system.

6 months later, of extremely painful treatment and being in and out of the hospital, fighting cancer alone, she lay on the hospital bed. Pale, large eyes and bald. All her hair that she had loved, nourished and took pride in, was gone. Each morning, she would wake up with locks of hair on the pillow and weep. Finally she had to get it shaved. It was the day after that she had shaved it all off, that she noticed that he had awesome shoulder length hair. She looked at it and felt so bitter about her situation. With her hair gone, she somehow felt less of a woman.

But, she withstood all her pain with a brave face, took his advice and believed that she would survive this. She took a break from work, told her parents and friends that she was going overseas for an assignment and would remain in touch with them through phone. She bore it all alone, informing her doctor that she would not have any visitors.

And now, it was done. She had won the battle after two very painful surgeries and almost half her stomach removed. He walked in cheerfully that day to her room and told her she was going to be alright. She told him, that she already knew that, because he was so good and it was by his skill and kindness that she was on her path to recovery. He looked at her then and asked her, if she would like to have some tea with him. She touched her bald hear, and reluctantly agreed. He said, he would take her out the next day and he promised her that it would be a great time for both of them. She was perplexed by his remark and was kept awake by his thoughts. All these days, she had seen him as her doctor, as her ray of hope. Today, she looked at him differently, as a friend, as her only companion who helped her fight this terrible disease, or maybe someone more, she was not sure.

He came for his rounds the next day, all clean shaven and with an army haircut. She looked startled by his striking looks. But what she saw and liked more was the kindness that shone in his eyes. "Good morning", he called out cheerily and she asked him why he looked so happy and so different. He laughed and said, that he had bought her a present and handed a brightly packed cover. As she tore it open, and saw the gift, her cheeks became wet with her tears. He had cut his hair, made a lovely wig out of it for her! He looked at her, grinned and helped her try it out. She looked so cute, even better than her original straight silky hair. She looked up to him and said, "This is the best thing anyone has ever done for me. How do I ever thank you?". He knelt on the ground with a ring on his hand, held out to her and said "Just say yes, Nihira!".

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Thursday, October 6, 2011


(definitely more than a quarter and all *ouch*, I just like to think.. quarter.)


There. I have said it. I have NO clue which way I am headed. I have a good education.  Fantastic parents, a very sweet crazy sister. A very nice and caring husband. A job , that pays my shopping bills. I shop occasionally, mind you. Like once in 3-4 months. That too for 5 hours straight. I try out every single garment in the store, till either the store closes, or they throw me out or the husband faints out of exhaustion.

I digressed. See, this is the problem. I still have NO clue where I am headed.

So, I was saying I have a decent live-able life. I have ample hobbies, music, books, food (off-late), painting, running, biking, kickboxing and all that. But still. Half the time, I walk around with that, "what? why? when ? how? " kind of look. Pretty much some sort of empty feeling. Again, its empty. Its not heaviness. If it was, I can find the reason and fix it. Its just...empty.

There is definitely something missing. Like an important piece. I know there is more I can do with life, to help other people, contribute back to the society, do something for the city I live in and so on. But I don't know what to do and where to start. I need to make this shift from being "mediocre" to "awesome" perhaps? I don't know. Honestly.

This important piece. I cannot find it. And I know nobody can help me find it except myself. My blog has probably borne the most of my rants. This one has been an epic rant thus far. And looks like I will keep looking and ranting till I find that missing piece. God help us all.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


How to start? Where to start?

Kun Faaya Kun ? Katiya karoon ? Sheher mein ? Naandan Parindey ? The Instrumental pieces?

Where? Where does one start when one wants to rant about the awesomeness of ARR's music? I was always unsure, to like Mohit Chauhan or not to like Mohit Chauhan. I am officially now a Mohit convert. The dude is amazing!!! What an album ARR has come up with ! Cha.

My heart smiles after a very long time.

God bless ARR. Keep Rocking.

I <3 you ARR. Enough said.

Your humble and a small time devotee,
Vasumathi Sridharan