Monday, September 19, 2011


My husband's phone display broke a week ago and we decided to give away the phone and port the number to Airtel.

For Mobile number portability, one needs an UPC code which the current service provider (unfortunately BSNL in this case) needs to give.

He could not even make calls, so on behalf of him, I called BSNL Customer care.
BSNL Bangalore Customer Care : 9448024365 btw does not work.  Try1503 instead.

I did the usual Press 2 for English, Press 2 for Post-paid and Press 9 to talk to customer care executive. This call is recorded for blah blah nonsense. The call would get connected, someone would put me on hold and call would get disconnected.

Repeat the above 4 times.

Got lucky the 5th time around. One lady obviously not knowing English (despite having pressed 2 for English answers) I understood and spoke in kannada.

Me: "Madam, I need UPC code for my husband's number, his phone is not working can you help?"
CC: "check maadthini.. " (will check) and put me on hold for 8 minutes.

Comes back after coffee break.

CC :"Hold ge dhanyavadhagalu. (thanks for being on hold). Send sms to 1909 and type your number" .
Me: "No. Its 1900 for getting the UPC code. I tried, work maadtha illa"
CC: "1909 and 1901 same madam". #EH ??
Me: "Its not working madam. Can you please give the code?"
CC:"No madam. what purpose UPC code want? Many people want away from bsnl. Against policy."
Me: Sigh. "Can I talk to your manager?",
CC:  "aatarah illi yaaru illa..naavu ella peoples here" #Eh #Peoples????
CC:"Manager beku andre, office ge direct hogi. Naavu ella peoples ." #Again #peoples???

Me: "Duh. Ok. thank you."

BTW, after the call, I tried again using 1909 and its a number for registering DND.

Feedback form on website : says "FUNCTIONALITY DISABLED".

This is some serious WTF.

Can someone help?


POOJA... said...

as always...
BSNL is such a mind****
I also suffered nearly same problem 1 yr before...
call to CC n then directly talk in lil anger n ask to talk to the manager... n if they do not transfer the let them know some abusive words...

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

That did not work Pooja. Anyway will need to go directly to office. CC is useless :(

Anil Sawan said...

never call cc. walk in to their cc center near ur place.
check this page:

the floor managers are usually helpful.

and for feed back, try this page:

Chintan said...

i can offer sympathies :( hope that helps...

Sujatha Sathya said...

aa tharah yaru illa!!! LOL!
naavu yella peoples!! howdu howdu neevu yella peoples naavu yella yenu hagaadre ?

nice post Vasumathi had fun reading but i am sure you were totally pissed speaking to them

Sahana Rao said...

Ha Ha!
Devre! Nanu BSNL inda mukthi paDeDa dhanye!

I had enough problems with BSNL. I opted for portability. So, someone from BSNL office gave me a call to ask me why I chose to move out of BSNL Circle. I told, I need better gprs offers and lower call rates. So, she asked me which has better offers. Then she said, she would also want to opt that offer which Vodafone was offering :D

Deepak Karthik said...

haha, but it will be a good memory for you, such memories can make us laugh.. good one :P

KP said...

ya.. frustrating.. I know, I had disconnected the landline for 3 months now, still get bill every month.. :)

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

airtel is no good either...

Rajedra Raikwar said...

Great effort

Unknown said...

Hiren Patel From Ahmedabad

Dear Medam / Sir I have a Problem Some times But no reply from bsnl & my plan is 800rs per month home unlimited 1 mbps speed but my connection speed only 512 kbps here is no reply my question.. plz I request you plz Solve my problem immigiately & inform here in ahmedabad.. broadbandline phone number is 91-79-27530609

Hiren Patel (Ahmedabad)

Anonymous said...

Customer Id : 1022056824.
We faced a plenty of trouble . A guy , an employee of BSNL helped us getting an Internet Connection , a Modem and of course a Telephone Connection .

Catch : He did away with our Security Deposit , handed us over second hand Modem , And of course this is serious.