Friday, September 30, 2011

Navrathri Golu - Season 3

After Season 1 and Season 2 , Season 3 kick-started without too much hype and without too many guests this year. By the time I arranged the dolls, it was close to midnight and this is what my golu looks like!

I am very particular about giving handmade gifts to people these days. Last year, I had painted some diyas, and this year I was blank and at short notice, I quickly bought some paaku-mattai and decided to paint it. What do you need:
  • Areca leaf plates  / Paaku mattai
  • Acrylic paints
  • Brushes
  • Some Mirror pieces
  • Glue
Warning: This was time consuming. To make 5 pieces I took more than an hour. Attempt it if you have time on your hands. a glimpse of what it looks like,

And the usual Sundal Saaga continues this year as well. Do consider this as a personal invitation and drop by for some yummy sundal and one of these cute and colourful showpiece :)

Happy Navarathri!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday B!

I am learning everyday.
What you are good at and what you are so not.
There are things I love about you and some so not.
I want to hug you, and at some other time want to throw something at you.

You say the cutest things and make me smile and at other times, I cringe with your inappropriateness. You look like a stud when you make an effort to dress up and at others you look like a haggard old man, with that lousy uncombed look and overgrown beard :/

First birthday together, I tried buying you shirts, hoping you will like them and you hated them. On your second birthday together,I tried surprising you with a midnight party,You yelled at me for waking you up at 12.On the third birthday together,I wished you early in the morning,
you say, "you got your dates mixed up. Its not today, its tomorrow", and you confused me. I gave you a handmade card with some words in tamil, you pointed out spelling mistakes.

And yet, everyday, every meal,
You check if I ate. Every morning, you insist that I give you a hug,
If I have a late night or early morning meeting,
You make me coffee to ensure I dont get a headache,
If I am exhausted, you make me food.
You walk around as though your life revolves around me.
You know if I am down without me telling you and try every PJ possible to make me smile.

I cant sometimes figure you out.
At other times, I like to tell myself I know everything about you.
Huh, who the hell am I kidding?
I think I will still say this after 30 years,
Looks like, I need to learn. Everyday.

Monday, September 19, 2011


My husband's phone display broke a week ago and we decided to give away the phone and port the number to Airtel.

For Mobile number portability, one needs an UPC code which the current service provider (unfortunately BSNL in this case) needs to give.

He could not even make calls, so on behalf of him, I called BSNL Customer care.
BSNL Bangalore Customer Care : 9448024365 btw does not work.  Try1503 instead.

I did the usual Press 2 for English, Press 2 for Post-paid and Press 9 to talk to customer care executive. This call is recorded for blah blah nonsense. The call would get connected, someone would put me on hold and call would get disconnected.

Repeat the above 4 times.

Got lucky the 5th time around. One lady obviously not knowing English (despite having pressed 2 for English answers) I understood and spoke in kannada.

Me: "Madam, I need UPC code for my husband's number, his phone is not working can you help?"
CC: "check maadthini.. " (will check) and put me on hold for 8 minutes.

Comes back after coffee break.

CC :"Hold ge dhanyavadhagalu. (thanks for being on hold). Send sms to 1909 and type your number" .
Me: "No. Its 1900 for getting the UPC code. I tried, work maadtha illa"
CC: "1909 and 1901 same madam". #EH ??
Me: "Its not working madam. Can you please give the code?"
CC:"No madam. what purpose UPC code want? Many people want away from bsnl. Against policy."
Me: Sigh. "Can I talk to your manager?",
CC:  "aatarah illi yaaru illa..naavu ella peoples here" #Eh #Peoples????
CC:"Manager beku andre, office ge direct hogi. Naavu ella peoples ." #Again #peoples???

Me: "Duh. Ok. thank you."

BTW, after the call, I tried again using 1909 and its a number for registering DND.

Feedback form on website : says "FUNCTIONALITY DISABLED".

This is some serious WTF.

Can someone help?