Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A moment in time

She Woke up listening to the chirping of birds
With no agenda for the day,
Keep her feet on the cold floor and stretched.
Her eyes fell on the window,
She turned away thinking the view was a picture or a calendar.
She looked again, closely and stood very still.

That is when she saw the gradual movement of the clouds over the snow covered peaks.
She watched as the sun gradually turned the peak silver and then turned it to gold.
She stood watching the birds fly by,
She heard the mist dripping from the leaves,
A few cattle grazing on the green meadows,
On a normal day, she would have frantically run for her camera,
Today, she just stood holding the window pane,
Tears rolled down her cheek as she stood
mesmerized by the spell that nature had cast on her.


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Hemant said...

Awesome....u make me feel as if I am standing near the window and watching this beautiful scenery...