Sunday, July 17, 2011

A dream

She lay worrying about her future.
She wondered what sort of a guy he will be like.
She struggled to fall asleep and tossed and turned.
She was restless and perhaps having one her dreams.

Will he dominate? Will he be a pain?
Will he be the mommy-mommy types?
Will he be his own person, having his own life?
Will he be the types to care about her parents?

Will every wish of hers be fulfilled?
Will he give her her space?

Will he be her dream?
Will she be truly happy with him?

Will he ever dance with her to some random song on the radio?
Will he feed her popcorn as she watched her favorite movies?
Will he hug her every morning and tell her he loves her?
Will he watch her silently as she dressed with love in his eyes?

Will he tell her everyday that she is the most beautiful woman alive?
Will he say that she is the most important person in his life?

She suddenly woke up,
To see the sweetest questions of her dream answered.
She gently pulled the blanket over him, brushed away the hair on his forehead.
She slept with a smile on her lovely face.

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SUB said...

sweet dream...:-)