Sunday, July 10, 2011

The burrday tales

So, I turned a year older and had a fabulous time! We did a night trip to Gopalaswamybetta, saw some awesome sunrise, sunflower fields, mountain covered with mist, a lovely quaint old temple. I spotted a elephant herd and we had a great time with close friends!

Balaji planned a midnight surprise party and the cake was so yum that he now has to break open the door for me to enter the house :/

Spent a lovely day watching Kungfu Panda with my niece and nephew and some awesome Thai food with friends in the evening.

For people who asked me, "what gift did B give you?", I say, "He himself is a gift. I don't want anything else from him.". I know. I am smart like that and he is lucky like that.

Birthday wishes for the year?  A thinner me and and a more peaceful world.


SUB said...

belated happy birthday...hope your wishes come true...

Raajii said...

Happy Birthday! Many more happy ones to come :-)