Sunday, June 12, 2011

Because, I miss you

what the heck is it really?
what is it about your smell and your presence
what is it?
why cant I just be normal around here without you?
why the heck do I suddenly turn into some dammed zombie?

why do you really have to do this?
you know how I hate to be without you.
you know it.
then why did you have to go?

I cant think straight enough to compose a decent post.
I cant sing one goddammed song without remembering you.
I cant stay for one whole hour without mentioning your name.
I am sick of looking at my phone every 5 minutes for an SMS.
You know what dude? I am not going to care anymore.
I am NOT going to be worried sick about you.
I am going out now. To eat my favorite pastry from Daily Bread.

PS: Sorry about the rant. Never mind me. Go and enjoy yourself. We only live once.