Thursday, May 12, 2011

the search..

She lives in a beautiful home. Warm and safe and sweet smelling. Her room has a lovely view. She is well loved by her parents and friends. Like most of us, she works, drives (her car and bike and cycle and a geared bike) (ahem..she also drives us crazy!), eats, sleeps, reads (like she is possesed), listens to music, dreams, is well respected by co-workers, smiles at strangers, loves children, is into fitness, loves playing basketball and treats her pet doggie as her own brother and secretly feeds him food from her plate (when her mom is not looking ofcourse!).

Like most of us, she wants a family. Of her own.

Whats the problem? You ask?

She is married (with the usual pomp and show). And divorced (sad story ofcourse!).

So? You ask?

So, the process of finding a life partner after being hurt once, is complicated to say to the least. One tends to put up a guard and loses one's original bubbly self. It is hard to trust again. It is hard to start over. Most of us would not have the guts to even think about it. But she has the guts and is not afraid of the so-called "society", that magically vanishes when you actually need help. She says she has been hurt, but is willing to give life a chance. Another chance. Another chance to see her smiling and happy and safe (and for a change, in the right arms)

Most matrimony websites have fake profiles in the 'Divorced' or 'Annuled' category. Word of mouth returns Null.

But, the search is on.....

Saturday, May 7, 2011