Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Its about time.

I have had enough.
Enough of mopping around.
Enough of cribbing.
Enough of feeling blue.

EVERYTHING has being going wrong for the past few days.
Time to take matters into my hands. To hell with everyone who is making me feel down and out.

Time to make workout fun.
Time to make cooking fun (will start by remembering to add salt into whatever I cook).
Time to enjoy painting (Colors, here I come!).
Time to learn music well (and stop getting yelled at in every class {infront of 10 year olds} ).
Time to Write something decent and STOP blaming the writer's block.
Time for a good sappy romantic novel. Nicolas Sparks, Please release the new book soon!
Time for an outing. Yay!!
Time to be back into people's lives and spam them till they are weeping!
Time for a spring cleaning session.
Time for some shopping and seeing the look on husband's face on reading the bill amount.
Time for curtain shopping (I can imagine the husband saying "Again? How many curtains do you want?")
But, right now, Its time for some dark chocolate!

Its about time. Dont you think?


Anonymous said...

Loved it! Sometimes you speak my mind and have the courage to speak yours :)

Nothing like a romantic novel, I havent touched one in AGES. I'm raiding the bookshelves now.- Mayth!!

Goda Ramkumar said...

Love the spirit and the "anonymous"comment by Mayth :)

wildflower said...

Loved it. The time is just perfect :) Have oodles of fun Sue! :)

Revanth said...

Wonderful post again!! :)
Simple and cute!