Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Its just one of those days,
I feel like smiling at a stranger
My heart is light and mind is clear
I know exactly what I want and what I need
There are smaller joys of life to be experienced
I smile at the sunset or a beautifully done painting
And I just smile. Just for having experienced that joy.
I spot a bird with blue wings and bright yellow beak
And stand very still. Afraid to scare it away.
On a bright hot evening, there is a sudden drizzle
With a lovely soft mellow song playing in the background
And I find such peace and calm deep within.
Its just one of those days.


Anonymous said...

today is a great one. Although i do think u held yourself back here-you could have gone more descriptive. just my opinion!

Ram said...

Nice attempt to say that there are simple things that give more joy than a ride in a red Ferrari.