Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Its just one of those days,
I feel like smiling at a stranger
My heart is light and mind is clear
I know exactly what I want and what I need
There are smaller joys of life to be experienced
I smile at the sunset or a beautifully done painting
And I just smile. Just for having experienced that joy.
I spot a bird with blue wings and bright yellow beak
And stand very still. Afraid to scare it away.
On a bright hot evening, there is a sudden drizzle
With a lovely soft mellow song playing in the background
And I find such peace and calm deep within.
Its just one of those days.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


When the moonlight streams in through the window
And the only sounds are that of your steady breathing
I gaze at the stars and the almost full moon
I look up to see your peaceful sleeping face,
A smile plays upon my lips
A warm fuzzy feeling fills a tiny corner of my heart
Thankful for this moment,
When I am completely secure, content and
Simply loving the sound of your heartbeat.