Thursday, December 30, 2010

That list...again!!

Aha! It is time to make that list. I love making lists. Sometimes. Makes me feel all important and organized. Makes me feel better when I check them off and say, okay, this is Done. But being me, I usually check off about 2 things out of 10. Lets see if 2011 will make me do better.

I want 2011 to be different. Its a different story that I want every year to be different than the previous, but then...

Okay, let me share my 2011 list with you.

- Speak to parents, sister and parents-in-law Daily.
- Cook and eat healthy and ensure Balaji is healthy as well. Avoid eating junk food and control that temptation for chocolates and bhel puri. Please. Be sure to eat one fruit a day. Even if it means pretending that the apple is bhel puri.
- Be regular at running. Do atleast 10K in 3 running events.
- Do NOT get admitted in a hospital for ANY reason this year. AT all.
-Restart temple project started with friends a few years ago.
- Write more.
- Be regular at music class
- Be regular at painting class
- Go to JustBooks atleast once a week and for God's sake, stop reading junk romantic books. There is no take away from them and real life does not work that way. Got it?
- Do a certification / course which will help in improving career.
- Get a health checkup done for self and family.
-Visit the temple once a week.
- Call/mail friends and cousins atleast once a fortnight.
- Try to get out of the twitter addiction.
- Laugh aloud. Daily.
- Sing aloud. When nobody is around please.
- Learn to say "Yes" instead of "Fine".
- Be an active member of the team that does social work.
-Donate to Prerna on birthday of self, family members and close friends.
- Learn everyday.
-Try not to get depressed over stupid people. They are not worth it. Besides, they are stupid anyway.
- If at all get depressed, then window shop. Note. Window shop. Not shop. You have enough clothes for 5 people.
-Declutter kitchen, wardrobes, office table, home office table, puja room...basically declutter Life.
- Be nice to Balaji, because he is really very nice to you.

I think I must really stop typing now. The length of this list is scaring me. And when I get scared, I don’t do any of the stuff in my list. And I really DONT want that.

Have a great 2011 everyone! Be happy, healthy and remember to smile no matter what!