Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Homecoming..and the aftermath

I had gone away for a while
I had forgotten what it was like
to snuggle into your arms
to smell the smell that is so you.
How did I forget that smell?

I had forgotten that look,
that rumpled look you wear in the mornings
I had forgotten the reassurance
Of listening to you drumming the keys of the computer
How did I forget that face with a slight subtle and a look of intense concentration?

I had forgotten
that you like your coffee with one spoon sugar
very less milk and boiling hot
I almost forgot your favourite dishes too
How did I forget that you like your dosa soft and not paper thin?

I almost forgot to
kiss you goodbye as I used to daily as you leave
It was a startling revelation That I forgot.
It scared me that I forgot our daily ritual.
How did I forget?

I forgot small things,
But I remembered YOU.
With every minute that passed by
and with every breath I took.
thats as true as scouts honour.

Thanks for coming home to me.


Ram said...

I know!!! Its human tendency to forget at times...But I doubt one can forget things when you are in a intimate relationship such as yours.. But still I give you the right to forget all these considering the fact that you remembered him for forgetting all these.... :) lol

Like this much... :)

AswathiBabu said...

loved it....

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

Excuse me, This was part real and
part fiction. Why do you believe everything I write is real-life eh?

Thanks! Means a lot to me!

vai said...


Ram said...

Well I only wish It were real and you are happy about the fact!!! & I am sorry if it were not... :P