Saturday, August 7, 2010

Catching up.

What am I upto these days?

-Planning to spend (loads of) money decorating my living space in an (desperate) attempt to bring some colour and light into my home.
-Cooking. The pasta I made tonight was too good.
-More cleaning.
-While at it, I realized, that I have loads of cute earrings now. (Never cared for stuff like that before. One diamond stuff and I used to be with it for it’s all different. One fake one each day.) And that too neatly kept in Balaji's Tonido Plug box. He won’t be very pleased to know his Tonido's cover has some 50 odd really cute and really fake earrings :D
-Now that the rant of my earrings is over, let’s move to other things?
-I keep typing em for me. Making weird weird typos these days. (After I published this post, i edited "typing". I had earlier typed it as tying. bah!)
-Shoot out maha maha enthu e-mails to buddies about a certain hyperlink and 'forget' to attach the link, leaving everybody confused and getting confused as to why everybody is so confused. Catch my point? :-)
-The whole world is sick. My Daddy, amma, sis, husband, sister-in-law, her two very cute and very adorable kids, her father-in-law and so on. The news is...I am NOT sick. All thanks to my new (very tech-savvy Apple i-Phone loving) Homeo Doc. He also gives excellent book recommendations and some gyan each time we visit him. This is one doc whom I like and take him and his medicines very seriously. I even hold my nose and swallow the SeaCod tablets. For my health, Thanks Doc.
-I got a membership with JustBooks. Too god dammed awesome.
-I cycle regularly, atleast to return and get more books. My Juliet is a dream! :D :D

By the day, the list to be thankful to the husband is increasing.

Scary? Spooky?

How about......just plain lucky?


Goda Ramkumar said...

Thanks for the Update. Thought of calling u for the same :D

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

Oh shucks, maybe thats why my friends dont call me anymore. Because all the update is availbale via this blog. I need to stop writing. ASAP!!!