Monday, July 26, 2010

For You...

Have I told you that I love the way you drive?
Have I thanked you lately for having taught me to drive?

Do you know how sweet and vulnerable you look while you sleep?
Do you know I smile when you suddenly put your hand around me while still asleep?

Have I told you that you make the best maggi noodles in the whole wide world?
Have I told you how sweet you look when you scold me for having forgotten my medicines?

Do you know I'd kill to have dimples like yours?
Do you know that I get shivers down my spine when you smile impishly?

Have you noticed my eyes going wide as I look at the pics you click?
Have you noticed that I talk about you more than I talk about myself?

Do you know that I love listening to your one liners and you laughing at them yourself
Do you know its funny when you try to understand meaning of Hindi and Kannada words playing on Radio.

Have I told you how scared I am to stay alone at home?
Have I told you how much light you fill in to my life?

Do you know how much you mean to me?
Do you even know how much I love you? Do you?

PS: Part Real, Part Fiction. You better believe it.


Ram said...

Brilliant!!! Like this one a lot. Real or Fiction, does not matter. The person is blessed to have you as his/her beloved. One thing is certain, if it were not real; your words would not have been straight from your heart and touching. Really feels good Way to go Vaa sumathi !!! Cheers

wildflower said...

iwish this was all real..i want it to be :)

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

@Ram, Thanks ! I wish the-person "knows" that :-)

Thanks babes. It kinda is...

Santoshi said...

Sue.. Great ..Love is speaking!!

Revanth said...

no one can expresses emotions the way you can do it!! amazing writer you are!! you just give shape to love!!