Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Half-yearly flashback!

Whew! First 6 months of 2010 months flew past already. Meanwhile, I have not won any award, not filed any patent, not written any whitepaper, not learnt to play the guitar, not published a book, not bought a Royal Enfield, not walked on moon...yet.

But, I have managed to do other things.

Jan :Cycled 100kms

Feb :Celebrated Valentine's month with Pneumonia in the hospital blowing heart shaped balloons.

March: Hectic work schedule handling escalations :'(

April: Powered Sunglasses, US Trip (yay!!!)

May: Ran Sunfeast 10K in 88min 13seconds (Double yay!!) . Started learning a beautiful Kalayana Vasantham Varnam.

June: One awesome Team Workshop. Played Guitar. Finished reading 5 books. Watched a movie. Hair-Cut. Fell in love. With the FIFA theme song. Added an awesome_max blogger to messenger and talk to her once a while. I simply get refreshed each time I talk to her! Girl, Thanks for being a part of my non-existent social life :-)

I am still miles away from my closest friends and vice versa. I still long to hear their voices and spend time with them the way I used to earlier. There’s absolutely NO progress on that one :'(

It might not be a star-studded list, but still leaves me content and warm as I think back. Me the peaceful.


Goda Ramkumar said...

Sweet...This is at least better than Jan,Feb,Mar...June looking the same :D

wildflower said...

hey Sue :) thanx
pleasure is al mine ..

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

@Goda, Thanks >:D<

@Wildflower :D