Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Half-yearly flashback!

Whew! First 6 months of 2010 months flew past already. Meanwhile, I have not won any award, not filed any patent, not written any whitepaper, not learnt to play the guitar, not published a book, not bought a Royal Enfield, not walked on moon...yet.

But, I have managed to do other things.

Jan :Cycled 100kms

Feb :Celebrated Valentine's month with Pneumonia in the hospital blowing heart shaped balloons.

March: Hectic work schedule handling escalations :'(

April: Powered Sunglasses, US Trip (yay!!!)

May: Ran Sunfeast 10K in 88min 13seconds (Double yay!!) . Started learning a beautiful Kalayana Vasantham Varnam.

June: One awesome Team Workshop. Played Guitar. Finished reading 5 books. Watched a movie. Hair-Cut. Fell in love. With the FIFA theme song. Added an awesome_max blogger to messenger and talk to her once a while. I simply get refreshed each time I talk to her! Girl, Thanks for being a part of my non-existent social life :-)

I am still miles away from my closest friends and vice versa. I still long to hear their voices and spend time with them the way I used to earlier. There’s absolutely NO progress on that one :'(

It might not be a star-studded list, but still leaves me content and warm as I think back. Me the peaceful.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

when it rained...

She woke to a bright and a beautiful sunrise. She glanced at the calendar and gave a start. Suddenly remembering that it was his birthday! She had planned little surprises for him every year and he just loved every one of them. Her eyes clouded over as she lovingly took his picture in her hands and touched it gently to her cheek. "Happy Birthday", she whispered. A single tear dropped on his smiling cheek in the frame. She wiped them off slowly and placed it back on the dresser. Just as she finished making her coffee, the weather suddenly changed. The sun went behind the clouds and it started to drizzle and started pouring. She just stood in her balcony and watched the trees and roads getting wet.

They had both loved the rains. She remembered the cozy times they had shared watching the rain. She did not love the rain anymore. She could not stand the very sound and smell of rains anymore. She had started hating it. It made her cry. She wondered if the rain gods were in pain as well, to cry the way, she was crying now.

It made her heart ache as she thought back. Every corner of the house reminded her of him. She could not take the pain anymore. She ran and picked a shirt of his and wore it. It was a couple of sizes big for her. She inhaled deeply, to ensure his smell lingered on her. She had to move on. She knew that. He had made it clear that he was not coming back. Her mind knew it. Her heart refused to accept it. It was impossible for them to have a life together anymore, he had said. He could not be tied down to her. He said, he had outgrown her after years together. Every word had hurt her like a dagger. She calmly took it all then. With time, the hurt became worse. With time, her memory of him kept getting fresh.

She could never forget and she could never stop loving him. His voice was what she missed most. Nobody said her name the way he did. She had felt safe each time he said her name. She loved his smell. She missed his deep laughter. She missed his laughing eyes. She missed seeing him frown when he was concentrating on something. She missed listening to him humming, mostly off-key. She missed him so much that it had become like physical pain.

A corner of her heart waits for him to come back.

A tiny voice within her says he might come back someday. Somehow today she did not hate the rain so much. She just stood letting the rain wash over her, her faith deepening that someday he will come back.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the wait...

Its feels incredibly lonely. I have never shopped all alone.Never.Not once. Not even a slipper or a comb or a lipstick or even a pen. Well you get the idea. I have always had parents or my husband or my friends go with me. For the first time there is nobody. Parents are far away. Husband is working.

Friends...the lesser said about them the better. I have given up waiting for someone to call me. You ight ask why i do not call folks. Well. Remember i am supposed to be married!! I am busy!!!! *idiots*

I would like someone to put it in their heads that I am just married and not dead. Anyway from 400 friends to 0 often brings a lump to the throat.But today i am not going to cry. Today I will give my tears a slip.

But i will continue to wait.....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tomato Spinach Pasta Soup

have not ventured into recipe writing before this.
(Psst, thats because I haven't ventured much into the kitchen before this). .

Self mockery apart, I had not eaten too much Italian before wedding and hence found Balaji's affection for Italian food amusing. But over time, I have grown to love it as well. After a long day at office, we wanted to finish dinner with a quick and simple dish. He read some recipies and came up with this idea of Tomato Spinach Pasta soup which he promised would be quick and tasty and filling. We enjoy that quiet when I chop vegetables and he tries to cook something exotic and vive-versa. We just watch the vegetables boiling over, consult each other about trivial things like salt and spices. I cannot explain it, but its strangely fun when we make dinner together.

Back to business. Heres what you need:
-4 Tomatoes finely chopped
-1 cup of Spinach finely chopped
-1 cup of pasta boiled
-Olive oil
-Salt to taste
-Chili powder
-Pepper powder
-Pasta sauce
-1 tbsp Lemon juice

Heat olive oil in a pan, add the tomatoes, let it boil nicely into a paste. Add the boiled pasta and stir for a few minutes. Add the pasta sauce and stir. Add the spinach and close the lid. Add salt , chili powder and pepper powder to taste.

Dinner ready. Ensure you have some bread to go with it, else you will end up hungry in the next one hour of dinner like we did.

Bon app├ętit!