Monday, May 31, 2010

Tales of my travels...

I keep saying that I do not travel much and I dont click enough. When the contest at Blogadda was announced to share your favourite photos, I was amazed by my own repository of memories, that I have collected with time. Psst, If I win (with any luck at all) I get a Personalised Tee from Pringoo). Exciting ain't it?!

I am sharing five of my most favourite memories with you.

So, ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and get set for the ride!

There comes a moment in all our lives when the future is a big question mark. At such a point, was when my travel to Muktinath in the Himalayas happened. Amongst so much serinity, beauty, I felt very close to God and almost felt the wisper in the wind, saying "Go with peace, everything will be fine."

This was shot at Belur in Karnataka. A must-visit for Architecture lovers! The stone carvings are a joy to look at and you can spend nearly a month looking at them daily and not get bored. The mastery and the craftsmanship is genuiney awe-inspiring!

While transfering our honeymoon pics to the laptop, my husband and me looked at this pic and choroused,"WOW!". Shot at the famous HawaMahal in Jaipur, this is indeed a sight for pink lovers!

Abbey Falls, Coorg. You have to walk a certain distance to get to the falls. We thought it would be a small trikle of water, and it wont be a big deal. Well, as always, the unexpected happens and as we neared the falls, the noise was deafenning! A massive falls awaited us, and we just had to click!

Water always has a very calming effect on me. That day, the sea was particularly calm. Spent some quiet moments watching the sun come up at Kanyakumari. The Vivekananda rock and the Tiruvalluvar statue are seen far away.

I definitely do have many more to share, I wish it was share 10 pictures instead of five!! But, thats all for now, more when the next contest is announced.

Love and Smiles,


Nishant Singh said...

Lovely pictures. I agree with u and ur wife on the WOW picture. Great shot that one!

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

thanks nishant, I am the wife :D. the husband clicked it :-)

Swaram said...

Ur 3rd pic deserves Wow indeed :)
Gud luck for the contest :)

Rajesh said...

Beautiful images. It is difficult to choose one.
All the best.

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Vasumathi Sridharan said...

Thanks a lot guys!

sampath said...

truly wonderful clicks these..... my heartiest congratulations :)

AD said...

Nice clicks and good variety. Good luck.