Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Heena was never the beauty. It was always her sisters. She was always the ugly duckling. They were good at studies, extra-curriculars. She was so-so in both. But it was the emptiness in her eyes which would hold people's attention. It was strangely empty. Only she knew the reason. Inferiority complex drove her to get away from home for a few hours daily. Extra classes, she had said. But, she went to the secret camp. It was a secret she would guard for the rest of her life.

A massive open ground. Thousands of people. A beeline of cars. One stage. She was a part of that crowd. Just standing and waiting to see the leader. Just like thousands of others. But, she wanted to see him. One last time. The minute he came on stage there was a hustle and bustle as people tried to inch forward. The weight in her belly made it impossible for her to even stand. She still struggled to move ahead like the rest. In the husle-bustle, she never looked up. Suddenly, she could see him. Clearly. As an instant reflex, tears streamed down her eyes. Tears. Tears of hate. The hate that she had carefully planted as a seed, watered it till it grew to be a tall and strong tree. It would all be over soon, she told herself. She would unload her weight in a while. Then I will be free, she thought.

She slowly inched forward. People reluctantly gave way to her seeing her condition. She could now see him clearer. "Every need of yours will soon be fulfilled. There will be water in the wells, lights in your homes and mobile phones in your pockets", he was saying loudly. She inched closer. " I will ensure they lay roads, repair the school building and post-office in this village.", he continued making his promises.

She was a few feet away from him. She stopped. Suddenly having second thoughts. Should she walk up to him and yell at him? Should she make his crime public? Will any of it matter? Will it not ruin her name further?

Images flashed past her mind. He was her uncle. His abuses, the beatings, the blood, the scars and the tears were all a par of her childhood memories. She suddenly clutched her stomach, jumped ahead the stage and in a minute was standing in front of him.

Before he could react, she smiled. One evil, wicked smile. A smile of victory. Then there was a blast. A big one. Her smile had said, I am free at last. I am not carrying any more baggage. Her smile, had been the one of death.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I sometimes do not know what exactly I want,
I sometimes do not understand to differentiate between my want and need,
I most of the times confuse left with right, I love having the last word in any argument,
I might sometimes not know when to make noise and when to keep quiet,
“It is not me, it is my X chromosome!”, I say in my defense!

I look after my family, with lots of care and thought,
I put in a lot of love into my relationships,
I get to my office on time, I write programs with passion,
I can cycle to keep myself fit; I can maneuver a car and park it as well,
I am passionate about latest gadgets and technology.

I celebrate life, Smile at strangers, Wave at kids on the road,
I enjoy sharing giggles with close buddies, Exchange recipes with fellow women,
I blow a kiss to my better half unseen in a crowded room,
I sing on top of my voice while on the road, I do not enjoy sports too much,
I can converse with a four year old and a sixty year old with respect that they deserve,
I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a daughter-in-law (oops!)

I am a woman and by default I play many roles, I battle hard to do justice to each of these,
I enjoy the journey as well as the destination,
I might stumble and fall while wearing these multiple hats, at such times,
I seek just a teeny weenie hug, a small reassuring smile,
I seek strength sometimes from outside, but mostly from within,
I am a woman and so very proud to be one!

Wish you a very Happy International Women's Day (If you are a lady)
Do remember to wish your near and dear ones and make them feel special in a small way (if you are a man)