Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The house-arrest and the rest....

I am bored. As in very very bored. I have been house arrested. Thanks to a bout of a bad lung congestion and infection.

I cribbed and cribbed initially during times of illness. I had nothing to do but to lie down all day and stare at the idiot box which annoyed a whole bunch of folks. Now I am recovering and have gradually reduced watching the idiot box. After some soul searching and kicking myself for wasting time, I grew up and decided to do a few useful things with the time that I have suddenly been blessed with.

Something like these below :-)

1. Browsing the net to figure out a neat bike (cycle) to buy. At the same time sell off the one I currently have.
2. After eons, I heard U.Ve.Velukkudi Krishnan swamy, my spiritual guru, talk about the greatness of KoorathAazhwAn. Blisssss!
3. Learn the Abhogi varnam atleast this month!
4. Handmade two bookmarks.yay!
5. Dabbled with some writing and also a few paints.
6. Catching up with the technology world.
7. Gave myself a nice manicure and pedicure.
8. Learnt to make some yum soups :-). Yet to learn to make idly batter and to set milk to make curd at home.
9. Reading friend's and non-friend's blogs and wishing I can write like them.
10.Do a lot of breathing exercises and drinking loads of water.
11.Make To-Do list to shed flab, and look really pretty by the end of this
year :P
12. Currently reading a very nice book, "Love in the times of Cholera" and enjoying every bit of it.

My majorest Plan is *not* to visit a hospital for the next TWO years. NOT even for a fever/cold/sore throat and NO more needle pricks and IV's on both hands. Thanks very much. I have had enough of them.

So, what do you do when you are ill and house arrested??!


Kaushik said...

The last time I was severely sick or bedridden was during 12th boards 2 days before Maths exam. There wasn't really much else I could do, eh? ;-) Funny thing was - nobody could figure out what fever it was - Mr.Joram (104-105) nicely came before Math, made himself comfy around Physics and said tata bye bye after Chemistry. :D
Get well soon!

Goda Ramkumar said...

Sometimes some apparently bad events are blessings in disguise. Happy that u counted the blessings. :) So when do we meet? When u become prettier? :P

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

aww.. I hope you feel better but looks like you are still doing a lot :-)

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

@Cow, Thanks and LOL! Mr.Joram it seems :)

@Goda, Defly, we will meet when I become as pretty as you :D :D

Thanks babes. Doing a lot? Nopes, Still the boredom lurks on and off.

Anonymous said...

Selling the cycle interesting!!!. By the way when do we get a chance to taste the yum soup?

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

Yes..selling the cycle because its too big for me..looking at a smaller frame now..maybe a merida or a trek. Soup..sure come home! BTW.. who are you? :|

Archana Achuthan said...

Loce ur "ELLAM NANMAIKE attitude!! Get well soon!!