Sunday, February 21, 2010

Garam Masala - Part 2

As Ashok entered the house, he was surprised to see the house so dark. He called out to her and did not get any response. Then he saw her, sitting in the dark, hugging her knees and he heard a small whimpering sound. He got scared seeing her cry. He switched on the lights and asked her what happened.

She just looked at him and asked, "Look, I know there is someone else in your life. I have just one question...Why?". His eyes almost popped out and he said, "What nonsense is this Rathi? Have you lost your head or what?". She gave him a sad smile, pointed to the gym bill, said "Then whats this? You dress better, you wear hair gel, you come home late everyday.You are obviously busy. This explains it all does it not?". He was silent for a while. Suddenly burst out laughing and said, "Silly girl. You saw a bill and jumped to conclusions eh? I joined the gym 6 months back. Managed to shed 6kgs , feeling a lot healthier. I wanted to surprise you on Valentines Day and here you go!! Letting your imagination run wild eh?".

He picked up a small cover and handed it to her. She gasped as she opened it, it was her favorite chocolate ice cream. He hugged her and softly wished her a Happy Valentines Day! She in turn fed him some burnt paneer masala and wished him back. Some people really do have all the fun on Valentines Day!

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Revanth said...

Beautiful story akka :)