Saturday, January 23, 2010

Twilight - A review.

My co-worker lent me two of her favorite books. Twilight and Life of a Pi. First one a romance and the next one a philosophy. She asked me the next day, which one I had started first. I said, "not started, but finished". I finished Twilight. She grinned and said, "I knew it. You are such an incurable romantic". I grinned back. But then, what she said is true. I hope the "best three fourth" agrees ;)

So, Twilight is a book about a girl, who does not think much about her looks, though people think of her as very pretty. She is clumsy, drops things, falls while walking on a plain terrain, is terrified of dancing, hates her gym classes and her partners in badminton have to play and fight the match single-handed with more harm from her than help.

She falls in love with a stunning drop-dead gorgeous looking guy in her class. And here is where the story takes a beautiful turn. She falls in love with a guy who has supernatural powers. On prodding, she figures he is a vampire. And there are not just one, but an entire family of them living in the neighbourhood. He gets attracted to her as well and also in the process puts her at great risk, when some of his acquaintances want to drink her blood. Read this book to know

-Does he save her from her death trap?
-Does she also turn into a vampire and they live for the next century happily ever after?
-Does he refuse to turn her into a vampire and she like mere mortals die and he lives on?

Unputdownable in my opinion. Loved it to bits and this story will stay in my head for a long time to come.


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

Yes Twilight is good... however the other parts are pretty awful :-)

KPR said...

Yes Twilight series is one of the most romantic! But I feel the following things have to be taken into account while judging the book - Even though it is one of the best conceived romance stories in recent times, it is not too well executed. Hats off to Stephanie Meyer's imagination but not to her literal work. She doesnt have a way with words or that style as many of the best authors which makes this book just fall short of the level of say something like Love Story or such. Meyer goes more into explanation more than a narration mode. She needs to improve her writing dramatically. However, this book has its share of gr8 one liners and "Edward" as the epitome of romance which will stike a cord with all of us die hard romantics looking for an Edward in real life.
I also found the character of Bella extremely unconvincing. It is so evident that Meyer has written the book only and only for her Edward :) that she has not given much thought to the character development of Bella and the importance of it to the book; A love story needs 2 people right.

Bella eventually comes across as someone who fell for Edward for his mystery, good looks and views him as a prize that eluded others. Ofcourse this is all made up for in the last installment of the series which projects Bella as the sole selfless being and special element which ends up justifying all her previous actions..but the reader has not failed to notice this which is why it is Edward who has come out as the embodiment of everything romantic and to certain extent Jacob but not Bella.

All in all...Twilight is imagination at its best and Edward is as perfect as it gets....but nothing more!

Vasumathi Sridharan said...


I havent read the other parts yet. my co-worker lent me the book and i decided to post my opinion on it. To be honest :-)

Oh my, the comment was longer than the post! Whilst I agree to most of what you say, I liked Bella as well and thought she was nicely sketched. Maybe not very elaborately written about, but there was a subtle and nice way of describing the girl.

But ofcourse, its Edward, that steals all the limelight and very naturally so :-)

On her writing skills, I do agree that she does not have a way with words and its almost like reading a textbook on vampires in parts.

All said and done, I liked the book. A lot :-)