Saturday, January 2, 2010

Of new beginnings..

Heylo people!

After a whirlwind of packing, making lists, reading maps, we hit the road. Yes. The road trip of 10 days. Just us, the roads, the wind (and windmills), the sea, the sun, awesome people, temples and food. I am now back home.

Yes, the new calendar year is here. Naturally, being the list-maker, I have a looong list of things to do. Being a decent home maker and taking care of my family's health is Prio one.

Ofcourse I do have a list of work related action items, list of songs to learn, list of books to read, list of movies to watch, list of recipes to try out, list of (most dreaded) groceries, investment related lists, places to see and so on and so much more forth.

Last year, I made similar lists. Somewhere mid-way, I got lost. I got very muddled and frustrated. The very same lists which were my motivation factor, started to annoy me. Then, I gave up making lists for a while. Life just became messier.

Somewhere along the way, I understood, that I was not enjoying the process of completing the action items, which was why ticking off those action items never gave me any pleasure. This year, I intend to be wiser and learn to enjoy the journey as well as my destination.

May this year find you happy and healthy,
May this year bring you accolades at study and work,
May this year see you going green,
May your voices from within reverberate with positivity!!

Heartfelt Wishes for a Safe and Healthy 2010!


Revanth said...

wish u also a very happy new year vasu akka!

confounded-lady said...

Great you're back :D :D

Keep blogging on how you complete the action items :)