Sunday, January 17, 2010

Of love and longing..

There was something about that smile. It reached her eyes. He had never seen anything sweeter than that sparkle in her eyes. It made his heart do a somersault. He could never get tired of watching her. He could never describe it as well.

He worked at a bank. He would everyday sit in the same paper cluttered desk, work on the same numbers, eat food cooked by his cook , dress ordinarily and board a bus to work. That's what he was and he knew it. Just an ordinary looking random joe. He lead a pretty colorless life with a frighteningly boring routine.

The only color in his life was her smile. He longed to speak to her and express his feelings, but he never got that chance.

But, that night was different. That night he got to see her. At very close quarters. He got to touch her delicate skin. He got to feel her soft silky hair. He got to hug her and cuddle her softly against his chest. He longer to go further.

There was a doorbell. They both froze.He sat bolt upright.

He had woken to a bright sunny morning to be greeted by his toothless doodhwala.


Sandhya Biswas said...

:-D cute

Prashanth Bhat said...

what a tragedy towards the end :(

Ranjani said...

vasu, climax could have been a lot more real:( poor fellow dreams shattered!

Aditto said...

:) Superb :)