Monday, January 11, 2010

Lost...never to be found.

She went cold suddenly. Just numb to all the maddening crowd around her. All the buses were arriving and departing at their scheduled time. There were people boarding and getting off. Some just waiting for their buses. Some walking around searching for their platforms. But she was unaware of everything. And Everybody.

She had casually put her hand on her neck to adjust her duppatta. That was when she realized something was missing. Her chain. The one that he had bought for her as an engagement gift. A Gold chain with a heart shaped diamond pendant. The one she had loved to fiddle with each time she thought of him. Which she had done a lot over the last two months.A loud honk of a bus right behind her shook her awake and forced her to face reality. The bus driver hurled abuses at her and asked her to move away to the platform. Scared out of her wits, she stumbled across to the platform.

Finally, when she reacted, she felt a wave of panic wash over her. Vision blurred as tears filled her eyes. She felt so helpless and lost. She had no idea how to explain this to her mom and dad. Both of them were very strict, disciplined and organized. They hated any kind of carelessness. She shivered as she thought of their reactions. She was even more afraid of her fiance's reaction. He had so thoughtfully and so carefully bought her the chain. How would she face him? Just as if he heard her thoughts sitting miles away, her mobile vibrated. She flipped it open, to see his smiling photo looking at her. With trembling hands she picked the phone. The minute she said Hello, he knew something was wrong. He cautiously enquired and out tumbled the story, she stammered a little as she explained what had happened. She finished the story and waited for him to react.

There was just silence in the other end. She thought the phone got cut and said 'Hello' again. All she heard was a sigh.

And then came loads of consoling words. She just stood there, with tears streaming down silently thanking the lord up above. She had no clue how he'd react. Will he be upset? Angry at her for having lost something as precious as a first gift? Will he hate her for it? Will he ever trust her with precious things again in future? Hundred such things had raced through her mind. Finally she was relieved when he spoke and asked her to just relax.

He gave her courage and asked her to talk to her parents. When she did, she was surprised, that they took it lightly as well. She came to know much later, that he had called her place before she reached and already informed them. She thanked him some hundred times for being so understanding and taking the episode so easy. She was glad to have found a cool and calm partner who valued people before things. Someone whose heart and mind were in the right places.

Each day, she would walk the same path from home to the bus station, hoping she would see it glittering somewhere and it would come back to her. But she knew deep down, that she had made someone else in the world richer by a few thousands and herself poorer by a symbol of love.


Sandhya Biswas said...

*touched* MY eyes are blurred. My cheeks are wet with tears.. I simply can't understand how you can so simply maintain your simplicity! :)

Your expression. Your simple ways to express love. Can I come for tuitions? :P

LOve you >:D<

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

Fannnkooooo >:D<

Santoshi said...

Applause,applause !!

cyril said...

Pain of losing is real! And so is this story... seems very very real.

Sumanth Suresh said...

hey.. very nice, realistic story.. congrats! :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

aww.. this is so sweet. I can imagine how these little things can be so important.

Revanth said...

awesome post!

Aditya said...

Dumb after reading the post ! Awesomest ! :) I always wonder how you bring out emotions from simple sentences. You are blogging MS :)