Friday, January 8, 2010

Chandni Chowk

Located at Koramangala (Near Sony World Signal), A hut with a large closed door is what I saw at first glance. The doorman greeted us politely and I was so amazed by the colors and lights of this place.

The roof is that of a hut. It is literally a thatched hut. The walls are rough and red/black with tiny mirrors stuck to them. There are red and blue bandhini duppattas tied on top of the lampshades. The table sperators are bright colourful hangings. There are small lanterns on every table. The menu is done on a satin cloth held by a round knit work holder!! Ingenious, yet I wished the font size was a little bigger. Had to strain my eyes a little to read the menu.

Walls have black and while pics of well known heroines with soulful expressions :-)

Now that the description of the ambiance is over, lets move on to why we went there. To eat ofcourse!

There are limited option for vegetarian starters. Veg Hara bara and Shahi Hara Bara were both delicious. We also ordered Roti-Shoti (in the true punjabi style) and Panner Masala. The paneer was quite decent as well. We were happy with the service and the music. The parking is five times larger than the restaurant itself! They might want to think of making the restaurant a little more spacious instead of cramming in too many tables (oh, i forgot to mention, the tables are benches of stones made soft by tying up sofa cushions).

Meal for two costs approximately 650 INR.

Overall, a well spent (experience and money) lantern-lit dinner.


Sumanth Suresh said...

this one is within a km of where I stay and I have still not tried it out.. :)

have u been to Little Italy near Forum? I really liked it.. it's pricey but if u like pasta/ italian/pizza .. u would want try out that place sometime..

Sandhya Biswas said...

So, next time I come to B'lore, I can expect you to gimme a treat out here? ;)

Vasumathi Sridharan said...

I can take you to better places than this one :-)