Saturday, January 23, 2010

Twilight - A review.

My co-worker lent me two of her favorite books. Twilight and Life of a Pi. First one a romance and the next one a philosophy. She asked me the next day, which one I had started first. I said, "not started, but finished". I finished Twilight. She grinned and said, "I knew it. You are such an incurable romantic". I grinned back. But then, what she said is true. I hope the "best three fourth" agrees ;)

So, Twilight is a book about a girl, who does not think much about her looks, though people think of her as very pretty. She is clumsy, drops things, falls while walking on a plain terrain, is terrified of dancing, hates her gym classes and her partners in badminton have to play and fight the match single-handed with more harm from her than help.

She falls in love with a stunning drop-dead gorgeous looking guy in her class. And here is where the story takes a beautiful turn. She falls in love with a guy who has supernatural powers. On prodding, she figures he is a vampire. And there are not just one, but an entire family of them living in the neighbourhood. He gets attracted to her as well and also in the process puts her at great risk, when some of his acquaintances want to drink her blood. Read this book to know

-Does he save her from her death trap?
-Does she also turn into a vampire and they live for the next century happily ever after?
-Does he refuse to turn her into a vampire and she like mere mortals die and he lives on?

Unputdownable in my opinion. Loved it to bits and this story will stay in my head for a long time to come.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Of love and longing..

There was something about that smile. It reached her eyes. He had never seen anything sweeter than that sparkle in her eyes. It made his heart do a somersault. He could never get tired of watching her. He could never describe it as well.

He worked at a bank. He would everyday sit in the same paper cluttered desk, work on the same numbers, eat food cooked by his cook , dress ordinarily and board a bus to work. That's what he was and he knew it. Just an ordinary looking random joe. He lead a pretty colorless life with a frighteningly boring routine.

The only color in his life was her smile. He longed to speak to her and express his feelings, but he never got that chance.

But, that night was different. That night he got to see her. At very close quarters. He got to touch her delicate skin. He got to feel her soft silky hair. He got to hug her and cuddle her softly against his chest. He longer to go further.

There was a doorbell. They both froze.He sat bolt upright.

He had woken to a bright sunny morning to be greeted by his toothless doodhwala.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wanting to be free

Ever felt suffocated in a relationship? Ever felt like breaking free?
Ever felt like turning around and screaming at the person to let you go?
Ever felt wanting to hide under the bed?
Ever wanted the earth to open up and swallow you?
Ever felt like being enveloped in a hug where you cant even breathe?
Ever felt like having a knot in your stomach of size of an eggplant?

Ever felt like saying...dude..can you please unfollow me?

Monday, January 11, 2010

The orange-pink moment in a day..

It is that time of the day,
Where the sky is orange,
When the sun is about to sleep,
In the arms of the sea that rocks it back and forth.

It is that time of the day,
Which comes with a strange calm
When Amidst noise, silence is heard.
A stillness, which is hard to define.

Its that time of the day, when its not dark,
When its not bright,
With the sun god still lurking around,
And so are a few bright stars.

Yes.It is That time of the day
That I love most,
That I call, my time of the day,

Lost...never to be found.

She went cold suddenly. Just numb to all the maddening crowd around her. All the buses were arriving and departing at their scheduled time. There were people boarding and getting off. Some just waiting for their buses. Some walking around searching for their platforms. But she was unaware of everything. And Everybody.

She had casually put her hand on her neck to adjust her duppatta. That was when she realized something was missing. Her chain. The one that he had bought for her as an engagement gift. A Gold chain with a heart shaped diamond pendant. The one she had loved to fiddle with each time she thought of him. Which she had done a lot over the last two months.A loud honk of a bus right behind her shook her awake and forced her to face reality. The bus driver hurled abuses at her and asked her to move away to the platform. Scared out of her wits, she stumbled across to the platform.

Finally, when she reacted, she felt a wave of panic wash over her. Vision blurred as tears filled her eyes. She felt so helpless and lost. She had no idea how to explain this to her mom and dad. Both of them were very strict, disciplined and organized. They hated any kind of carelessness. She shivered as she thought of their reactions. She was even more afraid of her fiance's reaction. He had so thoughtfully and so carefully bought her the chain. How would she face him? Just as if he heard her thoughts sitting miles away, her mobile vibrated. She flipped it open, to see his smiling photo looking at her. With trembling hands she picked the phone. The minute she said Hello, he knew something was wrong. He cautiously enquired and out tumbled the story, she stammered a little as she explained what had happened. She finished the story and waited for him to react.

There was just silence in the other end. She thought the phone got cut and said 'Hello' again. All she heard was a sigh.

And then came loads of consoling words. She just stood there, with tears streaming down silently thanking the lord up above. She had no clue how he'd react. Will he be upset? Angry at her for having lost something as precious as a first gift? Will he hate her for it? Will he ever trust her with precious things again in future? Hundred such things had raced through her mind. Finally she was relieved when he spoke and asked her to just relax.

He gave her courage and asked her to talk to her parents. When she did, she was surprised, that they took it lightly as well. She came to know much later, that he had called her place before she reached and already informed them. She thanked him some hundred times for being so understanding and taking the episode so easy. She was glad to have found a cool and calm partner who valued people before things. Someone whose heart and mind were in the right places.

Each day, she would walk the same path from home to the bus station, hoping she would see it glittering somewhere and it would come back to her. But she knew deep down, that she had made someone else in the world richer by a few thousands and herself poorer by a symbol of love.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Chandni Chowk

Located at Koramangala (Near Sony World Signal), A hut with a large closed door is what I saw at first glance. The doorman greeted us politely and I was so amazed by the colors and lights of this place.

The roof is that of a hut. It is literally a thatched hut. The walls are rough and red/black with tiny mirrors stuck to them. There are red and blue bandhini duppattas tied on top of the lampshades. The table sperators are bright colourful hangings. There are small lanterns on every table. The menu is done on a satin cloth held by a round knit work holder!! Ingenious, yet I wished the font size was a little bigger. Had to strain my eyes a little to read the menu.

Walls have black and while pics of well known heroines with soulful expressions :-)

Now that the description of the ambiance is over, lets move on to why we went there. To eat ofcourse!

There are limited option for vegetarian starters. Veg Hara bara and Shahi Hara Bara were both delicious. We also ordered Roti-Shoti (in the true punjabi style) and Panner Masala. The paneer was quite decent as well. We were happy with the service and the music. The parking is five times larger than the restaurant itself! They might want to think of making the restaurant a little more spacious instead of cramming in too many tables (oh, i forgot to mention, the tables are benches of stones made soft by tying up sofa cushions).

Meal for two costs approximately 650 INR.

Overall, a well spent (experience and money) lantern-lit dinner.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Of new beginnings..

Heylo people!

After a whirlwind of packing, making lists, reading maps, we hit the road. Yes. The road trip of 10 days. Just us, the roads, the wind (and windmills), the sea, the sun, awesome people, temples and food. I am now back home.

Yes, the new calendar year is here. Naturally, being the list-maker, I have a looong list of things to do. Being a decent home maker and taking care of my family's health is Prio one.

Ofcourse I do have a list of work related action items, list of songs to learn, list of books to read, list of movies to watch, list of recipes to try out, list of (most dreaded) groceries, investment related lists, places to see and so on and so much more forth.

Last year, I made similar lists. Somewhere mid-way, I got lost. I got very muddled and frustrated. The very same lists which were my motivation factor, started to annoy me. Then, I gave up making lists for a while. Life just became messier.

Somewhere along the way, I understood, that I was not enjoying the process of completing the action items, which was why ticking off those action items never gave me any pleasure. This year, I intend to be wiser and learn to enjoy the journey as well as my destination.

May this year find you happy and healthy,
May this year bring you accolades at study and work,
May this year see you going green,
May your voices from within reverberate with positivity!!

Heartfelt Wishes for a Safe and Healthy 2010!