Thursday, December 30, 2010

That list...again!!

Aha! It is time to make that list. I love making lists. Sometimes. Makes me feel all important and organized. Makes me feel better when I check them off and say, okay, this is Done. But being me, I usually check off about 2 things out of 10. Lets see if 2011 will make me do better.

I want 2011 to be different. Its a different story that I want every year to be different than the previous, but then...

Okay, let me share my 2011 list with you.

- Speak to parents, sister and parents-in-law Daily.
- Cook and eat healthy and ensure Balaji is healthy as well. Avoid eating junk food and control that temptation for chocolates and bhel puri. Please. Be sure to eat one fruit a day. Even if it means pretending that the apple is bhel puri.
- Be regular at running. Do atleast 10K in 3 running events.
- Do NOT get admitted in a hospital for ANY reason this year. AT all.
-Restart temple project started with friends a few years ago.
- Write more.
- Be regular at music class
- Be regular at painting class
- Go to JustBooks atleast once a week and for God's sake, stop reading junk romantic books. There is no take away from them and real life does not work that way. Got it?
- Do a certification / course which will help in improving career.
- Get a health checkup done for self and family.
-Visit the temple once a week.
- Call/mail friends and cousins atleast once a fortnight.
- Try to get out of the twitter addiction.
- Laugh aloud. Daily.
- Sing aloud. When nobody is around please.
- Learn to say "Yes" instead of "Fine".
- Be an active member of the team that does social work.
-Donate to Prerna on birthday of self, family members and close friends.
- Learn everyday.
-Try not to get depressed over stupid people. They are not worth it. Besides, they are stupid anyway.
- If at all get depressed, then window shop. Note. Window shop. Not shop. You have enough clothes for 5 people.
-Declutter kitchen, wardrobes, office table, home office table, puja room...basically declutter Life.
- Be nice to Balaji, because he is really very nice to you.

I think I must really stop typing now. The length of this list is scaring me. And when I get scared, I don’t do any of the stuff in my list. And I really DONT want that.

Have a great 2011 everyone! Be happy, healthy and remember to smile no matter what!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just Me..

I have always wanted to live alone. Just by myself. With nobody to answer to. Nobody to care about. Nobody to care about me. These days, it seems to be a lot of effort to smile and talk. I just want to walk around with my head bent down. Not waving or smiling at anyone. Just want to get lost in a crowd of people. Unnoticed.

I feel like that sometimes even when I am surrounded by people. I tune them out. I smile and talk on auto-pilot. I just want to be left alone.

I am alone now. In a very pretty hotel suit. With a coffee in my hand, a nice view of the swimming pool from up above. I am Alone and yet surrounded by my family. Mom dad on phone, my husband on messenger and aunt and kids on voip. Friends calling the hotel and chatting to keep me company.

I always for some reason think, I won’t miss anyone. And I will be fine by myself. But i was wrong. I miss everyone. So much that it’s like physical pain. I walk around with a knot in my stomach. It refuses to loosen up. For once, I don’t want to be alone. I want to go back to the warmth of my mom and dad. I want to go back home and punch my sister, pull her nose and hair. Yell at her for being a pest. Bug my friends. Miss the world famous PJ's of the husband and yearn for the comfort he offers with his presence.

I think I learnt something new about myself. I hate being alone.

PS: I am in the States and if you want to catch-up, drop me an e-mail.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Homecoming..and the aftermath

I had gone away for a while
I had forgotten what it was like
to snuggle into your arms
to smell the smell that is so you.
How did I forget that smell?

I had forgotten that look,
that rumpled look you wear in the mornings
I had forgotten the reassurance
Of listening to you drumming the keys of the computer
How did I forget that face with a slight subtle and a look of intense concentration?

I had forgotten
that you like your coffee with one spoon sugar
very less milk and boiling hot
I almost forgot your favourite dishes too
How did I forget that you like your dosa soft and not paper thin?

I almost forgot to
kiss you goodbye as I used to daily as you leave
It was a startling revelation That I forgot.
It scared me that I forgot our daily ritual.
How did I forget?

I forgot small things,
But I remembered YOU.
With every minute that passed by
and with every breath I took.
thats as true as scouts honour.

Thanks for coming home to me.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I used to find the bare walls of my home scary. I was damn bored of the striped cotton curtains. I had problems with the way the house was. Just BARE and cold. I stopped cribbing and got to work.

I put up really cute curtains.

I painted pots.

I painted every terracota item I ever own.

I picked pretty (and expensive) flowers for my vase.

I have indoor plants in a corner.

Did a little bit of furniture re-arrange.

All I need now are:
1. A photo wall
2. Cute self-made warli paitings around the boring switchboards.
(Btw, I am still negotiating to paint the precious walls :D)
3. Yet another tanjore paiting of radha-krishna
4. Planning a terracota corner.

Suddenly the boring four walls seems like a home. A much warmer place to come back to. There is still work pending, but what the heck, come home and  you will know now, what I am talking about!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I saw a mail van today. By habit, I crossed my fingers, made a wish and looked around frantically for a black car. Yes, I am like that.

When I see one raven, I am convinced and deep down I know I am going to have a terrible day ahead and cross my fingers, and get relieved only when I see another one with it.

Each time I make a promise, I pinch my throat. And If I know for sure, I am going to break that promise, I cross my fingers ;)

I make a wish each time I see a "first star" in the evening.

Each morning, I have to look at my mom's face the first thing in the morning. If i happened to see anyone else (sorry dad and Roo), I'd pretend that I did not see them, and find my mom and pretend I saw her, the first thing in the morning. Now that my mom does not live with me, I don’t live with my mom, I just pretend that I am seeing her. She brings me good luck.

If two people say the same thing at the same time, I think something good is going to happen.

If I happen to glance at the time and if it reads 10:10 or 08:08 or 11.11 I think something good is going to happen.

Yes, I am nuts. And I like me like that.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Warli Attempt

First ever attempt at warli painting, with un-warli like colours and strokes :P

I messed the sun totally. It kind of got smudged since the Red was still a little wet..And I love the flower that the boy is giving to the girl. I also like my hut...How cute to live in this happy setup no?

Tell me you liked it please :-)

Friday, October 15, 2010


My friends call me an incurable romantic. I don’t know if that is true, but love has to be the one emotion I like to look around for. Sounds weird eh? I actually look around for love and moments of love. A mother holding her tiny baby and cooing to her softly. A guy carrying his baby daughter on his shoulders. A brother holding his sister's hand and crossing the road. A guy holding his girl gently by the waist. A seemingly young newly wed girl looking up at her new husband with shiny eyes. A guy holding the phone and talking to his girl with a faraway look on his face.

These for some reason make me smile and warm my heart. The emotion of love brings such varied flavors. Happiness, sadness, anger et at that have a flavor too. But just one. Dont you think?

I used to build walls around myself and purposely make it hard for people to break that wall down. I always used to hold back and never let people know that I love them. I used to do that knowing fully well that people around me who love me, hate that. But I think I am slowly changing. For the good. And that makes me a happier person now.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Does it happen to you?

Do you just sit and stare at nothing ?

Do you feel all alone, depite that there are 10 people around? Chattering and laughing? Making noise and yet you manage to tune them all out?

Do you suddenly become aware that the radio station is playing "your" song and softly hum along savouring the lyrics?

Do you stare at the phone 10 times in five minutes willing it to ring?

Does it hurt when the phone rings and it is not your ringtone that is playing?

Do your eyes light up when someone suddenly mentions his name?

Do you begin to hate time because it suddenly drags on and on?

Do you look at the calander 4 times a day hoping the day is over soon to bring you home sooner?

Does it just hurt all over?

Does it happen to you?

Navrathri Special!

Its fabulous fun to unpack the dolls from the attic and somehow create odd numbered steps.

The golu looks pretty much the same since last year.

Below are a few sundal recipies that you could use:

Paccha Payaru (Green Gram), Payatham Paruppu (Moong dal), Kadala Paruppu (Bengal Gram), Green Peas, White Channa Dal , Groundnut, Kaaramani (English?), Mocchakottai (Kidney beans), black channa dal. [Contact the mother-in-law for further details / help :-) ]

1.Soak any of the ingredients above for 2 hours.
2.Boil for a while. Drain the water.
3.And seasoning (mustard, curry leaves, green chilli) and the boiled dal/gram and saute with salt to taste.
4. Sprinkle Grated coconut and serve.

Also, if you are looking at a few simple gift ideas, you could buy a few Acrylic paints, a couple of brushes. Buy small clay diyas and paint them. It is not all that expensive, it is personalised and looks grand as well.

Here is a sample of the diyas I painted.

A Closer look at my favourite

And another view...

Wish you all a very happy navrathri! 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New hobby...

There is night...

...and then there is morning

I am good or what!

Friday, September 24, 2010

For you, *with a raised glass*

Beautiful Cauvery flowing by, A red-mud trail, colorful lush green fields and 42.2Kms to the finish line.

Kaveri Trail Marathon, event was flagged off and I sent upwards a big prayer for Balaji,as he started running his first ever marathon braving unbelievable heat, thirst, sweat, fear of dehydration, pebbles and muddy trail. Had an interesting time with Kavitha who had come to cheer Gopal who had trained and practiced for the run with Balaji. He had a smooth First half run while Kavi and I sat in the car generally chatting about our lives. After that we got on to the trail armed with energy drink and water. We cheered all the runners along the trail and spotted Balaji going towards his 30th km mark. I estimated that he will come back to that point in about 30 minutes. We spotted Gopal as he was running towards his 30th mark. He told us he had had a fall at the 7th Km of the race and also had cramps. We asked him if he wanted to rest, but he shook his head, waved and was off again. 1.5 hours after that there was still no sign of Balaji.

I totally gave up and panicked. I was imagining all sorts of bad things that could have happened to him. He could have fallen and gotten hurt, he might have given up and gone back to the resort by ambulance and blah blah blah...something and all random thoughts were running in my head. By then even Gopal did not turn up. I started to go into panic mode and started asking every runner passing by if he had seen a guy with a bandana or had they seen a guy with curly long hair (G). All kept saying "yeah, they are behind me somewhere", and still there was no sign of these guys. The heat was killing us by then.

We tried distracting ourselves by trying hard to admire the beautiful peaceful place that we were at, but in vain. We also tried spotting the tee color that these guys were wearing and finally gave up. We started walking towards the 30thKm mark and then we spotted Balaji. Barely able to walk. Literally limping, but at a decent pace. Relief swept over me and we decided to walk back. He told us Gopal was a little behind him and Kavi waited up on the trail for him. We started towards the finish and every beep on his garmin forerunner bought us closer to the finish line and bought some cheer.

This increased the enthu level in Balaji and he started pacing again. I was out of breath by the time I caught on after my breaks at the water points. The heat and hunger slowly started getting on to me and I started walking really slowly. By now, Balaji had a few friends and he started running along with them towards the finish. By the time I reached the finish, there he was. With a "finisher" medal, and a proud smile on his face.

Folks started jumping into the water by then. We could not resist and we also let the ice cold water wash off our tired feet. We splashed about for a while and got out of the water. Just then we saw Gopal finishing and gave a whoop as soon as we saw him. It was such a beautiful moment to see a runner with injuries braving it all and finishing! This was not all, we saw a lady with a less than a year old child on a pram doing the half-marathon. A guy with a fracture, wearing a sling do a full/half (not too sure). Incredibly brave people these were. What an inspiration!! We stopped for a quick lunch at the Young Island resort. On the way Gopal and Kavi stopped by @ CCD. Gopal says, "The good news is, there is coffee. The bad news is, It is on the first floor". We literally wept. By now, Kavi and I were also limping. The folks at CCD gave us strange looks as the four of us limped our way to our couch. To my horror, these guys ordered Idly. I mean, IDLY @ CCD was too much for me to take. Anyway, that was the joke of the day for me! We somehow limped back to our respective cars after a good 1 hr of relaxing and I drove back to Bangalore. That was my first highway drive. 150Kms. Mysore-Bangalore. But the, is another blogpost by itself!!!

So, back to the man of the moment. Balaji manages to surprise me by the way he leads life. He sets goals and so high and dedicatedly works towards them. I sometimes wish I could be like him, and have supreme self-confidence that I can never really be like that. The kind of passion he has, dedicated approach, the excitement and enthu about his vision is all mind blowing. I have new found respect for the way he handled himself, kept up his spirits and managed to talk/joke around after that exhausting run!

To me, Balaji is the new definition of will-power itself! 42Kms is insane and pure madness according to a whole lot of folks, me included. I am still amazed that you pulled it off and managed to walk around after that. If i ever walked that distance, I would have wound up in the hospital!
Way to go champ. Incredibly proud of your achievement.

You rose some 10 feet tall in front of my very own eyes. I am grateful that I was able to witness this event and share the moment with you.

You Rock!

After this, I fell for you all over again! >-----<-0 like that!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

She haunts...

He felt an odd feeling in his heart. Everything was perfect. He had a beautiful wife. He basked in all the love she showered on him. He loved her too. And told her that often. More to convince himself than her. He earned well enough to take care of all her needs. Yet, his eyes always scanned the crowds. He knew he should not be doing that while his wife held his hands. So lovingly and looked at him with so much warmth.

Yet, he feels guilty of thinking back often. Thinking of what might have been, if he had not let her go. Guilt sliced him every time he thought of her.

Why did he long to spot her in the crowds? What would he do if he ever saw her again? Smile? Walk towards her? Walk away from her? Talk to her? Introduce her to his wife? Cry? Would he look into her eyes? Would he avert it?

It was all so confusing. If that was love, then what was that he felt for his wife? If that was love, what is this? Care? Friendship? Companionship? A need to love and be loved? Desperation?

He shook his head, as if clearing all those thoughts. This is love. He said to himself sternly. Only this. That was not. He had to let go.

There was just a small problem. He did not know how.

Monday, August 30, 2010


God knows what I had so much to talk about!! I dont believe I wrote so much! 150 posts for me is a big milestone. I never thought I'd get there actually.

This blog has given me so much. So many words, so many emotions, so many new friends. So many touched my life, I hope I touched a few as well. A simple thank you to my small circle of readers, will not even suffice, for having bought out so many words through encouragement, critisism and even a pat on the back.

Thank You.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Paneer Fried Rice

Dear All. Long time no see no hear!

Am back with a recipie that we tried over the weekend. The husband bought some paneer and intelligently placed it in the freezer. It became really difficult to chop it. Had to heat a pan of hot water and place the panner in a bowl and put it in the pan for it to become soft.

Basmati Rice, Jheera, Green Chilli, Finely chopped Onions, ginger paste, garam masala, pepper powder, elaichi powder, corriander leaves.

Step 1 :Soak the Basmati rice for about 15-20 mins and then cook it. Keep aside.

Step 2: In a frying pan, heat oil, add some jheera and green chillis. Once the jheera turns dark brown, add the chopped onions. Saute well. Once it turns golden brown, add the chopped paneer and saute for a couple of mins. Add salt, pepper powder, garam masala powder and ginger paste. Mix well and on low flame for 2-3mins.

Step 3:Add the boiled rice and mix. Remember not to saute it too much, becomes gooey otherwise.

Step 4:Sprinkle finely chopped coriander leaves on top and serve


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Catching up.

What am I upto these days?

-Planning to spend (loads of) money decorating my living space in an (desperate) attempt to bring some colour and light into my home.
-Cooking. The pasta I made tonight was too good.
-More cleaning.
-While at it, I realized, that I have loads of cute earrings now. (Never cared for stuff like that before. One diamond stuff and I used to be with it for it’s all different. One fake one each day.) And that too neatly kept in Balaji's Tonido Plug box. He won’t be very pleased to know his Tonido's cover has some 50 odd really cute and really fake earrings :D
-Now that the rant of my earrings is over, let’s move to other things?
-I keep typing em for me. Making weird weird typos these days. (After I published this post, i edited "typing". I had earlier typed it as tying. bah!)
-Shoot out maha maha enthu e-mails to buddies about a certain hyperlink and 'forget' to attach the link, leaving everybody confused and getting confused as to why everybody is so confused. Catch my point? :-)
-The whole world is sick. My Daddy, amma, sis, husband, sister-in-law, her two very cute and very adorable kids, her father-in-law and so on. The news is...I am NOT sick. All thanks to my new (very tech-savvy Apple i-Phone loving) Homeo Doc. He also gives excellent book recommendations and some gyan each time we visit him. This is one doc whom I like and take him and his medicines very seriously. I even hold my nose and swallow the SeaCod tablets. For my health, Thanks Doc.
-I got a membership with JustBooks. Too god dammed awesome.
-I cycle regularly, atleast to return and get more books. My Juliet is a dream! :D :D

By the day, the list to be thankful to the husband is increasing.

Scary? Spooky?

How about......just plain lucky?

Monday, July 26, 2010

For You...

Have I told you that I love the way you drive?
Have I thanked you lately for having taught me to drive?

Do you know how sweet and vulnerable you look while you sleep?
Do you know I smile when you suddenly put your hand around me while still asleep?

Have I told you that you make the best maggi noodles in the whole wide world?
Have I told you how sweet you look when you scold me for having forgotten my medicines?

Do you know I'd kill to have dimples like yours?
Do you know that I get shivers down my spine when you smile impishly?

Have you noticed my eyes going wide as I look at the pics you click?
Have you noticed that I talk about you more than I talk about myself?

Do you know that I love listening to your one liners and you laughing at them yourself
Do you know its funny when you try to understand meaning of Hindi and Kannada words playing on Radio.

Have I told you how scared I am to stay alone at home?
Have I told you how much light you fill in to my life?

Do you know how much you mean to me?
Do you even know how much I love you? Do you?

PS: Part Real, Part Fiction. You better believe it.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

From Raavan

My love for the man has not reduced ONE bit. Really. I sometimes wake up and tunes play in my mind. Always the ones composed by the man himself. My friends (or atleast the ones I used to have a few years ago) used to call me a Rah"maniac". I feel very proud when that word is used on me..I love the sound of that word "Rahmaniac".

I was sleeping when the movie Roja started. Then suddenly, I was blinded by some bright light. I saw the sun come up...and suddenly the starting bit of Chinna chinna aasai woke me up. And I stayed put, paying rapt attention to the screen. I was not seeing the movie. I was actually observing the music that was playing in the background. Completely captivated the (then) little girl.

The man actually conquered my heart that day, and till date he simply rules. I never for a minute doubted his capacity/ ability to move me to tears, to make me smile, to make me want to get up and dance (with my two left feet), to put taalam to his tunes , to nod my head in appreciation, to fill my eyes with dreams and to simply light my heart.

There are two men in my life. One Dad and one husband. Both simply LOVE to say annoying things about my ARR and irritate me. They simply love to see me going red with anger and scrowling at them. While they go on and on and on and see me sulking. Grr @ them. Say all you want, you two. The fact remains that my man bought home TWO Oscars and well....some words are best left unsaid.

But, irrespective of what anyone says, I still love my man. And I will always. I pray that he has a happy, healthy and a very very very long life ahead of him. I am proud that I live in the same era as he does and breathe the same air as he does and walk on the same ground that he does. I do not understand the feeling though. Someone says something nice about him, I feel ten feet tall with pride. Someone is mean and nasty about him, I want to kill him. Whats all this? Some previous birth connection eh? Spooooky I say! My confused feelings apart,

Long Live, God Bless and Truck loads of Love to you,

your very humble, tiny and an insignificant devotee,
vasumathi balaji sridharan

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Not much can happen in 6 years right? Wrong. Very wrong.

Much has happened. I finished post-grad. Got a job. Fell down badly. Bled. Got hurt. Healed. Got Engaged, Got married (to the same guy mind you) and now shuttling between being a working professional and managing home.

I cannot believe I managed to survive for 6 years without you around. The pain is still fresh. It is still like physical pain. I sometimes cannot bear to be alive, when I think of you. It still hurts all over each time I hear a wailing ambulance. I still pretend you are somewhere abroad and I cannot see you or talk to you right now. I hope you are at peace. I hope all is well in your land. I hope you know how much we love you. I hope you are watching over V.

Say Hi to Taatha/Paati and Chitiya from me. Tell them I love them and miss them very much. Tell Chitiya, I did not marry a Gujarati guy after all. He wont be very pleased :-)

Please be around and help me face the world with a brave smile. Please let nobody see the tears behind the bespectacled face. Please give me the courage to behave normally infront of perima and peripa. Nobody can take that place, nobody can smile like you. Nobody has your voice. Nobody kisses my forehead like you. Where do I look for comfort? This is horrible. Please help me get through another 6 years...I cannot bear the thought of a long strech of road ahead without you around...

Please dont ever forget, I love you and will always do. For as long as I live.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Half-yearly flashback!

Whew! First 6 months of 2010 months flew past already. Meanwhile, I have not won any award, not filed any patent, not written any whitepaper, not learnt to play the guitar, not published a book, not bought a Royal Enfield, not walked on moon...yet.

But, I have managed to do other things.

Jan :Cycled 100kms

Feb :Celebrated Valentine's month with Pneumonia in the hospital blowing heart shaped balloons.

March: Hectic work schedule handling escalations :'(

April: Powered Sunglasses, US Trip (yay!!!)

May: Ran Sunfeast 10K in 88min 13seconds (Double yay!!) . Started learning a beautiful Kalayana Vasantham Varnam.

June: One awesome Team Workshop. Played Guitar. Finished reading 5 books. Watched a movie. Hair-Cut. Fell in love. With the FIFA theme song. Added an awesome_max blogger to messenger and talk to her once a while. I simply get refreshed each time I talk to her! Girl, Thanks for being a part of my non-existent social life :-)

I am still miles away from my closest friends and vice versa. I still long to hear their voices and spend time with them the way I used to earlier. There’s absolutely NO progress on that one :'(

It might not be a star-studded list, but still leaves me content and warm as I think back. Me the peaceful.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

when it rained...

She woke to a bright and a beautiful sunrise. She glanced at the calendar and gave a start. Suddenly remembering that it was his birthday! She had planned little surprises for him every year and he just loved every one of them. Her eyes clouded over as she lovingly took his picture in her hands and touched it gently to her cheek. "Happy Birthday", she whispered. A single tear dropped on his smiling cheek in the frame. She wiped them off slowly and placed it back on the dresser. Just as she finished making her coffee, the weather suddenly changed. The sun went behind the clouds and it started to drizzle and started pouring. She just stood in her balcony and watched the trees and roads getting wet.

They had both loved the rains. She remembered the cozy times they had shared watching the rain. She did not love the rain anymore. She could not stand the very sound and smell of rains anymore. She had started hating it. It made her cry. She wondered if the rain gods were in pain as well, to cry the way, she was crying now.

It made her heart ache as she thought back. Every corner of the house reminded her of him. She could not take the pain anymore. She ran and picked a shirt of his and wore it. It was a couple of sizes big for her. She inhaled deeply, to ensure his smell lingered on her. She had to move on. She knew that. He had made it clear that he was not coming back. Her mind knew it. Her heart refused to accept it. It was impossible for them to have a life together anymore, he had said. He could not be tied down to her. He said, he had outgrown her after years together. Every word had hurt her like a dagger. She calmly took it all then. With time, the hurt became worse. With time, her memory of him kept getting fresh.

She could never forget and she could never stop loving him. His voice was what she missed most. Nobody said her name the way he did. She had felt safe each time he said her name. She loved his smell. She missed his deep laughter. She missed his laughing eyes. She missed seeing him frown when he was concentrating on something. She missed listening to him humming, mostly off-key. She missed him so much that it had become like physical pain.

A corner of her heart waits for him to come back.

A tiny voice within her says he might come back someday. Somehow today she did not hate the rain so much. She just stood letting the rain wash over her, her faith deepening that someday he will come back.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the wait...

Its feels incredibly lonely. I have never shopped all alone.Never.Not once. Not even a slipper or a comb or a lipstick or even a pen. Well you get the idea. I have always had parents or my husband or my friends go with me. For the first time there is nobody. Parents are far away. Husband is working.

Friends...the lesser said about them the better. I have given up waiting for someone to call me. You ight ask why i do not call folks. Well. Remember i am supposed to be married!! I am busy!!!! *idiots*

I would like someone to put it in their heads that I am just married and not dead. Anyway from 400 friends to 0 often brings a lump to the throat.But today i am not going to cry. Today I will give my tears a slip.

But i will continue to wait.....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tomato Spinach Pasta Soup

have not ventured into recipe writing before this.
(Psst, thats because I haven't ventured much into the kitchen before this). .

Self mockery apart, I had not eaten too much Italian before wedding and hence found Balaji's affection for Italian food amusing. But over time, I have grown to love it as well. After a long day at office, we wanted to finish dinner with a quick and simple dish. He read some recipies and came up with this idea of Tomato Spinach Pasta soup which he promised would be quick and tasty and filling. We enjoy that quiet when I chop vegetables and he tries to cook something exotic and vive-versa. We just watch the vegetables boiling over, consult each other about trivial things like salt and spices. I cannot explain it, but its strangely fun when we make dinner together.

Back to business. Heres what you need:
-4 Tomatoes finely chopped
-1 cup of Spinach finely chopped
-1 cup of pasta boiled
-Olive oil
-Salt to taste
-Chili powder
-Pepper powder
-Pasta sauce
-1 tbsp Lemon juice

Heat olive oil in a pan, add the tomatoes, let it boil nicely into a paste. Add the boiled pasta and stir for a few minutes. Add the pasta sauce and stir. Add the spinach and close the lid. Add salt , chili powder and pepper powder to taste.

Dinner ready. Ensure you have some bread to go with it, else you will end up hungry in the next one hour of dinner like we did.

Bon app├ętit!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Tales of my travels...

I keep saying that I do not travel much and I dont click enough. When the contest at Blogadda was announced to share your favourite photos, I was amazed by my own repository of memories, that I have collected with time. Psst, If I win (with any luck at all) I get a Personalised Tee from Pringoo). Exciting ain't it?!

I am sharing five of my most favourite memories with you.

So, ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and get set for the ride!

There comes a moment in all our lives when the future is a big question mark. At such a point, was when my travel to Muktinath in the Himalayas happened. Amongst so much serinity, beauty, I felt very close to God and almost felt the wisper in the wind, saying "Go with peace, everything will be fine."

This was shot at Belur in Karnataka. A must-visit for Architecture lovers! The stone carvings are a joy to look at and you can spend nearly a month looking at them daily and not get bored. The mastery and the craftsmanship is genuiney awe-inspiring!

While transfering our honeymoon pics to the laptop, my husband and me looked at this pic and choroused,"WOW!". Shot at the famous HawaMahal in Jaipur, this is indeed a sight for pink lovers!

Abbey Falls, Coorg. You have to walk a certain distance to get to the falls. We thought it would be a small trikle of water, and it wont be a big deal. Well, as always, the unexpected happens and as we neared the falls, the noise was deafenning! A massive falls awaited us, and we just had to click!

Water always has a very calming effect on me. That day, the sea was particularly calm. Spent some quiet moments watching the sun come up at Kanyakumari. The Vivekananda rock and the Tiruvalluvar statue are seen far away.

I definitely do have many more to share, I wish it was share 10 pictures instead of five!! But, thats all for now, more when the next contest is announced.

Love and Smiles,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The heart shaped bubbles...

What exactly is life made of? What is your life made of? Mine I think is made of small moments that I like to call "tiny pieces of heart shaped bubbles". As When I look back, I only remember them. Small little red colored heart shaped bubbles floating in my heart.

Off late, in the last four weeks, I have made so many such bubbles, just to be kept locked so safely, deep in my heart.

Starting from the take off at Bangalore airport, to the quick run at London Heathrow to catch the next flight to San Francisco. The view of the Golden Gate from the plane. Got a shock of my life seeing it "bright and sunny" at 8PM. Never really got used to it till I left the country. I myself found my amazement of such a small thing quite cute. Spoke to a bunch of friends Cow, Gowri , a cousin who lives in the bay area, and it was nice to catch up.

Beginning of a lovely day with Quay, his wife Sam and their adorable little boy, Jonathan. The first view of Pier 39 sea lions, the cruise on Blue & Gold fleet, freezing on the deck, trying to take pics of Balaji with the Golden Gate Bridge background while hands went completely numb! Saw the beach at such close waters, got tempted, asked Quay if I could go touch the water. Quickly took off shoes and ran to the beach while Balaji bought some nice hot coffee for me! The total peaceful walk on the Golden gate bridge with Sam, just talking about our lives. Pointed some Silk saree clad maamis wearing Nike shoes with Pothys bag to Balaji and it was so funny!! It was very pleasant to get a different perspective of how people on the other side of world live their lives. The funny ride along Lombard Street, the world's most crooked street, literally screaming and laughing in excitement as Quay drove down the road! Balaji went to work the next day, A friend of mine Aishu dropped by, we went shopping and had a lovely lunch at Amber India, generally talking about our lives. She took me home and sang a lovely Krithi for me. I was amazed that such a slim and frail looking girl has such a strong voice!

I also made a small bubble of Manoj, Arthi, both their mom's feeding Balaji and me with so much love, just as moms do. Balaji says, "Ok vasu, you have another 3 hours in SFO, what do you want to do?". Without batting an eyelid, I said," I want to see the Golden Gate one last time before I leave". The literal dash to the airport making it just in the nth minute!

I was mentally and emotionally exhausted and almost had no space for more bubbles. I thought thats it. I am done. But, as usual, Life was right, and I was wrong. I made more bubbles, and such lovely lovely ones at that.

The biggest one being the hug that my little cousin Maya gave me as soon as she saw me. The shocked expression on Manu's face after he saw me made my surprise visit a complete success and worth everything I ever dreamt of! The yummy food that my aunt cum best buddy made for me. Maya's softball game, my aunt's friends Luz and Neil, who said, just take kids off school and take them to Disney. Then it all began in earnest.

The planning for Disney Trip in Orlando. It was funny driving to Orlando listening to "Devuda Devuda Ezhu mala devuda" as Maya and me sang along! Just loved the first view of Disney's Magic Kingdom. Just L.O.V.E.D it. The Cinderella castle, the Jumbo ride, the teacup ride, car race with Manu (Just for the record, He lost and Maya and me won as Maya drove!!),Splash mountain a 50 feet dip into the water while Manu hid under my leg and Maya was looking around and smiling and clapping her hands! The Thunder Mountain fast and crazy ride, Buzz Light-year and really cute train ride along Kingdom which said," No eating, drinking, smoking, Kissing allowed in the train". Did a little bit of shopping @ the Disney store and everything was just way too cute and...Expensive!

Oh, how did I miss out the character parade. Its "THE" most adorable parade ever. Waved to, sang along with all the Disney characters! Mickey, Miney, Pooh,Chip and Dale, Cinderalla,Peter, Beauty and the Beast, Goofy, Donald and Daisy Duck are so much more adorable in real life! Saw some lovely fireworks from the car park as we decided to call it a day. I also made a tweeny weeny bubble of the leg pain that we all had at the end of the day after walking for miles together in a Magical land. But then, that pain reminded me, that I was after all a human being and I was real. All these are just fake. Just Magic. But, what beautiful magic....Sigh!

Woke up next morning to a cloudy day with the sun thankfully playing hide and seek. Made a nice little bubble of memory of Epcot. The huge white ball, which stands proud as the symbol of Epcot will always be fresh in my mind! We did some amazing rides here. Landing on Mars, Mission Space (Btw, this was Powered by HP), Finding Nemo and the most most most fantastic of the lot, Soarin' . What a wonderful ride flying from coast to coast of the US. The ride got over and everyone who did the ride with us started clapping! For some strange reason, that stays in my mind.

The countries, O Cananda, Morrocco, Mexico, the drummers in front of Japan , Posing in front of the mock Eiffil Tower, trying hard to explain that we were vegetarian to the lady who took our orders for lunch repeatedly saying, "No beef, no meat, no chicken and no egg", she gave us a looks that said, "Then what will you eat?", and we returned a look that said, "Grass" :D

The ride back home to Coral Springs while we all just...slept while the poor aunt stayed awake and took us home!

The days sped past doing some record-time shopping at JC Penny, Ross, picking stuff for folks at WalMart,and a neat mall called Sawgrass Mills Malls. All this in between picking and dropping the kids to school and Maya's softball game. I enjoyed a run along the park where Maya played. Met some wonderful friends of aunt, Michelle, Sunny uncle, Jessi aunty, their two kids, Jyothsna aunty and Naresh Uncle. Balaji's friend dropped in to say hello and it was very interesting to meet different kinds of people and exchange ideas and thoughts. Also went to Deerfield beach. Lovely blue, clean and ice-cold water. Made sand castles with Maya and collected shells with Manu :-)

Even before I knew it, it was time to leave and literally with both Manu and Maya sticking next to me all the way to the airport, talking about how the trip was and how much fun we had being together. I would not make a bubble of the tears at the airport, but they invariably became a part of the memory :-(

The six hour flight was crazy, without a wink of sleep, looking at all the pics and videos and missing the kids so badly :-(

Seeing Balaji at the LA airport was like the sun had come out of a cloud! There he was standing with the entire luggage wearing a bright warm smile on his face with his hand outstretched. LA was a different bubble altogether. Lights everywhere, tall buildings, sweet wide roads, traffic just like Bangalore :-)

Next day, Balaji went too office, worried what I will do all day alone in the Hotel Room, but then, Off I went exploring LA on my own! Took a Burbank local bus and went to Malls, ate at Chipotle, walked around, spent a few quiet hours at the $1 bookstore and generally was hanging out. Did not have the guys to Hollywood street on my own. I probably should have done that considering ti was not very far from where we stayed.

Visited Universal Studios and oh man! So much fun at the Water Show, a really funny Animal Show ,Shrek , Horror Lane Walk, wow, this was really scary! Throat almost went sore screaming! Jurassic Park ride with a 84 feet dip and dinosaurs spitting water on us, The Mummy Ride , Simpsons ride, Terminator were really enjoyable except for that annoying lady at the Terminator ride saying "Super" in an annoying tone. Someone should get her to grow up. We said hello to Dora and Shrek as well :-)

Next day, did a quick walk along Hollywood Walk of fame, saw the white Hollywood sign on the hill, The Kodak theater, Madam Taussad's (did not go in, had a flight to catch the same day evening, so just walked past). Had some Dal Chawal at the Indian restaurant in LA and it felt quite odd, and definitely relieving not to be eating Grass in Subway and drinking Starbucks coffee.

The ride back home felt terribly long and never ending as we just tried hard and struggled to fall asleep. Got back to the BLR airport got picked up by the wrong car. Somehow cleared the confusion and fell asleep laughing at the goof up.

Its one week that I am back home, working till midnight on almost daily basis and hence the delay in sharing my bubbles. Will put pics up very soon and share!

Off I go now, cherishing these bubbles and making more as days of my life come by.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I bought home..Gold!

Yipeee!!! Close to Akshaya Tritiya, when Bangalore and the rest of the world is busy buying Gold, I was busy buying a bike. After months and months and months of waiting for a small frame bike, I finally bought a Merida Juliet 10V. She is a breeze to ride and a joy to look at. A pleasant blue, and hence not too girly! I yam in lowve.

Heres the link to view my new best friend: Yes, you are permitted to be Jelous now :D

She is an MTB, but I got the tires changed to sleek. There are 3 gears on the left and 8 on the right. Shimanov gears, V-brakes, it does have shock absorbers, but I think I need to read up and see how it works. The saddle is awesome. I am slowly getting used to it and I keep shifting on the saddle to find the right position.

Time to start riding to work (provided I get a proper bike parking and ensure there is enough security!)

Someone at the store asked me, "So you bought the Juliet, where the Romeo?", and I quietly pointed to the husband ;) . Quite contrary to the title of this post, I think I bought home a diamond.

Do wave to me if you see me flying past you as you wait for the traffic to clear.
*evil grin*

Monday, April 19, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane!

"Will this Tee look nice?", I asked. "No, The colour is too bright. They dont wear such colours "there" ...or do they? ", he asked. Good lord, I am just beginning to feel the excitement as I pack.

Balaji is going on work there and is taking me along. Waiting to gaze at the Golden Gate Bridge with him by my side. Really. I still dont really believe it, as I pack for the whilwind tour.

I am also going to meet my aunt (whom I love a lot) and her two really adorable kids. Waiting to meet them give them a big surprise! (Hope they do not read this blog before I get there. huh)

I am doing BLR-SFO-Florida-LA-BLR. Any of you folks around there and wish to meet/talk on phone, pls do drop a comment/.mail. Would love to sync up!

Oh Yea, Whereever I am, there is some confusion/uncertainity right? And how did I leave out mentioning that part? The Volcanic Ash. This trip that I am so excited about, itself has just some 50% chance of happening. But, I am excited nevertheless.

So, Pray for me brother!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


The initial denial phase is over.

Its official now.

I am...blocked.

Yes.I have a writers block. I cannot come up with anything remotely cute, funny, sad, nice, sweet or crappy.

So, see you when I see you.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Heena was never the beauty. It was always her sisters. She was always the ugly duckling. They were good at studies, extra-curriculars. She was so-so in both. But it was the emptiness in her eyes which would hold people's attention. It was strangely empty. Only she knew the reason. Inferiority complex drove her to get away from home for a few hours daily. Extra classes, she had said. But, she went to the secret camp. It was a secret she would guard for the rest of her life.

A massive open ground. Thousands of people. A beeline of cars. One stage. She was a part of that crowd. Just standing and waiting to see the leader. Just like thousands of others. But, she wanted to see him. One last time. The minute he came on stage there was a hustle and bustle as people tried to inch forward. The weight in her belly made it impossible for her to even stand. She still struggled to move ahead like the rest. In the husle-bustle, she never looked up. Suddenly, she could see him. Clearly. As an instant reflex, tears streamed down her eyes. Tears. Tears of hate. The hate that she had carefully planted as a seed, watered it till it grew to be a tall and strong tree. It would all be over soon, she told herself. She would unload her weight in a while. Then I will be free, she thought.

She slowly inched forward. People reluctantly gave way to her seeing her condition. She could now see him clearer. "Every need of yours will soon be fulfilled. There will be water in the wells, lights in your homes and mobile phones in your pockets", he was saying loudly. She inched closer. " I will ensure they lay roads, repair the school building and post-office in this village.", he continued making his promises.

She was a few feet away from him. She stopped. Suddenly having second thoughts. Should she walk up to him and yell at him? Should she make his crime public? Will any of it matter? Will it not ruin her name further?

Images flashed past her mind. He was her uncle. His abuses, the beatings, the blood, the scars and the tears were all a par of her childhood memories. She suddenly clutched her stomach, jumped ahead the stage and in a minute was standing in front of him.

Before he could react, she smiled. One evil, wicked smile. A smile of victory. Then there was a blast. A big one. Her smile had said, I am free at last. I am not carrying any more baggage. Her smile, had been the one of death.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I sometimes do not know what exactly I want,
I sometimes do not understand to differentiate between my want and need,
I most of the times confuse left with right, I love having the last word in any argument,
I might sometimes not know when to make noise and when to keep quiet,
“It is not me, it is my X chromosome!”, I say in my defense!

I look after my family, with lots of care and thought,
I put in a lot of love into my relationships,
I get to my office on time, I write programs with passion,
I can cycle to keep myself fit; I can maneuver a car and park it as well,
I am passionate about latest gadgets and technology.

I celebrate life, Smile at strangers, Wave at kids on the road,
I enjoy sharing giggles with close buddies, Exchange recipes with fellow women,
I blow a kiss to my better half unseen in a crowded room,
I sing on top of my voice while on the road, I do not enjoy sports too much,
I can converse with a four year old and a sixty year old with respect that they deserve,
I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a daughter-in-law (oops!)

I am a woman and by default I play many roles, I battle hard to do justice to each of these,
I enjoy the journey as well as the destination,
I might stumble and fall while wearing these multiple hats, at such times,
I seek just a teeny weenie hug, a small reassuring smile,
I seek strength sometimes from outside, but mostly from within,
I am a woman and so very proud to be one!

Wish you a very Happy International Women's Day (If you are a lady)
Do remember to wish your near and dear ones and make them feel special in a small way (if you are a man)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The latest devil in my life...

Have you been awake whilst the whole world sleeps peacefully? I am sure you have.
Have you tossed and turned and tried hard to sleep? I am sure you have.
Have you faced that struggle? That struggle to sleep? I am sure you have.

Lets see if you have tried all that I tried.

1.Reading a very boring book.
2.Music. Especially Nama Ramayana which is my official lullaby since the day I was born but...absolutely NO help..i only ended up singing along in mute mode.
3.Imagine. Pretend I am a mermaid in the ocean or a camel in the dessert. Huh.
4.Surf the net. Read blogs (and end up with a headache next morning)
5.Stare. Just stare at the fan.
6.Watch TV (but at 3AM, that is a bad idea)
7.Tweet. does not help, most of my friends are fast asleep by then anyway!
8.Yearn to have someone to *talk* to. Scroll through the phone book, look at each name carefully, move on to the next name and finally give up and toss the phone aside.
9.Go up to the first floor and roam around the house. Get bored and come down again and try to sleep.
10.Pray. and almost end up crying out of self pity.Cha!

It has been more than 10 days since my sleep pattern got screwed up. I sleep at 3AM sometimes, sometimes 5AM and wake up at 10AM!!

Insomnia. Bleddy Hell!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The house-arrest and the rest....

I am bored. As in very very bored. I have been house arrested. Thanks to a bout of a bad lung congestion and infection.

I cribbed and cribbed initially during times of illness. I had nothing to do but to lie down all day and stare at the idiot box which annoyed a whole bunch of folks. Now I am recovering and have gradually reduced watching the idiot box. After some soul searching and kicking myself for wasting time, I grew up and decided to do a few useful things with the time that I have suddenly been blessed with.

Something like these below :-)

1. Browsing the net to figure out a neat bike (cycle) to buy. At the same time sell off the one I currently have.
2. After eons, I heard U.Ve.Velukkudi Krishnan swamy, my spiritual guru, talk about the greatness of KoorathAazhwAn. Blisssss!
3. Learn the Abhogi varnam atleast this month!
4. Handmade two bookmarks.yay!
5. Dabbled with some writing and also a few paints.
6. Catching up with the technology world.
7. Gave myself a nice manicure and pedicure.
8. Learnt to make some yum soups :-). Yet to learn to make idly batter and to set milk to make curd at home.
9. Reading friend's and non-friend's blogs and wishing I can write like them.
10.Do a lot of breathing exercises and drinking loads of water.
11.Make To-Do list to shed flab, and look really pretty by the end of this
year :P
12. Currently reading a very nice book, "Love in the times of Cholera" and enjoying every bit of it.

My majorest Plan is *not* to visit a hospital for the next TWO years. NOT even for a fever/cold/sore throat and NO more needle pricks and IV's on both hands. Thanks very much. I have had enough of them.

So, what do you do when you are ill and house arrested??!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Garam Masala - Part 2

As Ashok entered the house, he was surprised to see the house so dark. He called out to her and did not get any response. Then he saw her, sitting in the dark, hugging her knees and he heard a small whimpering sound. He got scared seeing her cry. He switched on the lights and asked her what happened.

She just looked at him and asked, "Look, I know there is someone else in your life. I have just one question...Why?". His eyes almost popped out and he said, "What nonsense is this Rathi? Have you lost your head or what?". She gave him a sad smile, pointed to the gym bill, said "Then whats this? You dress better, you wear hair gel, you come home late everyday.You are obviously busy. This explains it all does it not?". He was silent for a while. Suddenly burst out laughing and said, "Silly girl. You saw a bill and jumped to conclusions eh? I joined the gym 6 months back. Managed to shed 6kgs , feeling a lot healthier. I wanted to surprise you on Valentines Day and here you go!! Letting your imagination run wild eh?".

He picked up a small cover and handed it to her. She gasped as she opened it, it was her favorite chocolate ice cream. He hugged her and softly wished her a Happy Valentines Day! She in turn fed him some burnt paneer masala and wished him back. Some people really do have all the fun on Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Garam Masala - Part 1

Rathi, a delicate looking pretty lady in her mid-thirties, was hard at work in her kitchen. Chopping vegetables to make his favoutite panner masala. She hated panner. But he loved it. She sometimes suspected, he loved panner more than he loved her. She was already making the dish in her mind, mentally preparing the amount of salt and the garam masala that she had to add.

She suddenly paused for a second. She was forgetting something. She knew she had forgotten it. But What?

She brushed the thought aside and continued chopping. Suddenly it stuck her. It was his clothes! She had forgotten to bring them from the laundry. She quickly calculated the time that he would be home. She still had three hours. She freshened up, quickly braided her long lovely hair, grabbed her purse and ran to the road across. She paid for the laundry and rushed home. After keeping the onion tomato mix on the gas for boiling, she took out his clothes to keep them back in the clothes shelf. That is when her eyes caught the white paper. It was a gym bill worth nine thousand. He had not told her about joining any gym. Her mind raced and she thought of his behavior of the last few months.

He suddenly seemed more energetic. He looked younger and had complained that his trousers were becoming loose for him. He dressed well and even used a hair gel these days, something he had never done in the past.

Her head spinned and she held the bed post for support. Was he cheating on her? Was it one of her friends? Or was it some co-worker who had weaved a web of magic on him? She had to know. She needed answers. She could not bear the thought of him with someone else. Numbed, she just sat down wondering what to do, whom to ask and how to ask.

Suddenly an odour hit her nostrils. It was her masala that was burning on the stove. She ran to the kitchen to switch off the gas. Went back to the room, closed the curtains and just sat on the bed hugging her knees.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Twilight - A review.

My co-worker lent me two of her favorite books. Twilight and Life of a Pi. First one a romance and the next one a philosophy. She asked me the next day, which one I had started first. I said, "not started, but finished". I finished Twilight. She grinned and said, "I knew it. You are such an incurable romantic". I grinned back. But then, what she said is true. I hope the "best three fourth" agrees ;)

So, Twilight is a book about a girl, who does not think much about her looks, though people think of her as very pretty. She is clumsy, drops things, falls while walking on a plain terrain, is terrified of dancing, hates her gym classes and her partners in badminton have to play and fight the match single-handed with more harm from her than help.

She falls in love with a stunning drop-dead gorgeous looking guy in her class. And here is where the story takes a beautiful turn. She falls in love with a guy who has supernatural powers. On prodding, she figures he is a vampire. And there are not just one, but an entire family of them living in the neighbourhood. He gets attracted to her as well and also in the process puts her at great risk, when some of his acquaintances want to drink her blood. Read this book to know

-Does he save her from her death trap?
-Does she also turn into a vampire and they live for the next century happily ever after?
-Does he refuse to turn her into a vampire and she like mere mortals die and he lives on?

Unputdownable in my opinion. Loved it to bits and this story will stay in my head for a long time to come.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Of love and longing..

There was something about that smile. It reached her eyes. He had never seen anything sweeter than that sparkle in her eyes. It made his heart do a somersault. He could never get tired of watching her. He could never describe it as well.

He worked at a bank. He would everyday sit in the same paper cluttered desk, work on the same numbers, eat food cooked by his cook , dress ordinarily and board a bus to work. That's what he was and he knew it. Just an ordinary looking random joe. He lead a pretty colorless life with a frighteningly boring routine.

The only color in his life was her smile. He longed to speak to her and express his feelings, but he never got that chance.

But, that night was different. That night he got to see her. At very close quarters. He got to touch her delicate skin. He got to feel her soft silky hair. He got to hug her and cuddle her softly against his chest. He longer to go further.

There was a doorbell. They both froze.He sat bolt upright.

He had woken to a bright sunny morning to be greeted by his toothless doodhwala.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wanting to be free

Ever felt suffocated in a relationship? Ever felt like breaking free?
Ever felt like turning around and screaming at the person to let you go?
Ever felt wanting to hide under the bed?
Ever wanted the earth to open up and swallow you?
Ever felt like being enveloped in a hug where you cant even breathe?
Ever felt like having a knot in your stomach of size of an eggplant?

Ever felt like saying...dude..can you please unfollow me?

Monday, January 11, 2010

The orange-pink moment in a day..

It is that time of the day,
Where the sky is orange,
When the sun is about to sleep,
In the arms of the sea that rocks it back and forth.

It is that time of the day,
Which comes with a strange calm
When Amidst noise, silence is heard.
A stillness, which is hard to define.

Its that time of the day, when its not dark,
When its not bright,
With the sun god still lurking around,
And so are a few bright stars.

Yes.It is That time of the day
That I love most,
That I call, my time of the day,

Lost...never to be found.

She went cold suddenly. Just numb to all the maddening crowd around her. All the buses were arriving and departing at their scheduled time. There were people boarding and getting off. Some just waiting for their buses. Some walking around searching for their platforms. But she was unaware of everything. And Everybody.

She had casually put her hand on her neck to adjust her duppatta. That was when she realized something was missing. Her chain. The one that he had bought for her as an engagement gift. A Gold chain with a heart shaped diamond pendant. The one she had loved to fiddle with each time she thought of him. Which she had done a lot over the last two months.A loud honk of a bus right behind her shook her awake and forced her to face reality. The bus driver hurled abuses at her and asked her to move away to the platform. Scared out of her wits, she stumbled across to the platform.

Finally, when she reacted, she felt a wave of panic wash over her. Vision blurred as tears filled her eyes. She felt so helpless and lost. She had no idea how to explain this to her mom and dad. Both of them were very strict, disciplined and organized. They hated any kind of carelessness. She shivered as she thought of their reactions. She was even more afraid of her fiance's reaction. He had so thoughtfully and so carefully bought her the chain. How would she face him? Just as if he heard her thoughts sitting miles away, her mobile vibrated. She flipped it open, to see his smiling photo looking at her. With trembling hands she picked the phone. The minute she said Hello, he knew something was wrong. He cautiously enquired and out tumbled the story, she stammered a little as she explained what had happened. She finished the story and waited for him to react.

There was just silence in the other end. She thought the phone got cut and said 'Hello' again. All she heard was a sigh.

And then came loads of consoling words. She just stood there, with tears streaming down silently thanking the lord up above. She had no clue how he'd react. Will he be upset? Angry at her for having lost something as precious as a first gift? Will he hate her for it? Will he ever trust her with precious things again in future? Hundred such things had raced through her mind. Finally she was relieved when he spoke and asked her to just relax.

He gave her courage and asked her to talk to her parents. When she did, she was surprised, that they took it lightly as well. She came to know much later, that he had called her place before she reached and already informed them. She thanked him some hundred times for being so understanding and taking the episode so easy. She was glad to have found a cool and calm partner who valued people before things. Someone whose heart and mind were in the right places.

Each day, she would walk the same path from home to the bus station, hoping she would see it glittering somewhere and it would come back to her. But she knew deep down, that she had made someone else in the world richer by a few thousands and herself poorer by a symbol of love.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Chandni Chowk

Located at Koramangala (Near Sony World Signal), A hut with a large closed door is what I saw at first glance. The doorman greeted us politely and I was so amazed by the colors and lights of this place.

The roof is that of a hut. It is literally a thatched hut. The walls are rough and red/black with tiny mirrors stuck to them. There are red and blue bandhini duppattas tied on top of the lampshades. The table sperators are bright colourful hangings. There are small lanterns on every table. The menu is done on a satin cloth held by a round knit work holder!! Ingenious, yet I wished the font size was a little bigger. Had to strain my eyes a little to read the menu.

Walls have black and while pics of well known heroines with soulful expressions :-)

Now that the description of the ambiance is over, lets move on to why we went there. To eat ofcourse!

There are limited option for vegetarian starters. Veg Hara bara and Shahi Hara Bara were both delicious. We also ordered Roti-Shoti (in the true punjabi style) and Panner Masala. The paneer was quite decent as well. We were happy with the service and the music. The parking is five times larger than the restaurant itself! They might want to think of making the restaurant a little more spacious instead of cramming in too many tables (oh, i forgot to mention, the tables are benches of stones made soft by tying up sofa cushions).

Meal for two costs approximately 650 INR.

Overall, a well spent (experience and money) lantern-lit dinner.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Of new beginnings..

Heylo people!

After a whirlwind of packing, making lists, reading maps, we hit the road. Yes. The road trip of 10 days. Just us, the roads, the wind (and windmills), the sea, the sun, awesome people, temples and food. I am now back home.

Yes, the new calendar year is here. Naturally, being the list-maker, I have a looong list of things to do. Being a decent home maker and taking care of my family's health is Prio one.

Ofcourse I do have a list of work related action items, list of songs to learn, list of books to read, list of movies to watch, list of recipes to try out, list of (most dreaded) groceries, investment related lists, places to see and so on and so much more forth.

Last year, I made similar lists. Somewhere mid-way, I got lost. I got very muddled and frustrated. The very same lists which were my motivation factor, started to annoy me. Then, I gave up making lists for a while. Life just became messier.

Somewhere along the way, I understood, that I was not enjoying the process of completing the action items, which was why ticking off those action items never gave me any pleasure. This year, I intend to be wiser and learn to enjoy the journey as well as my destination.

May this year find you happy and healthy,
May this year bring you accolades at study and work,
May this year see you going green,
May your voices from within reverberate with positivity!!

Heartfelt Wishes for a Safe and Healthy 2010!