Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winds of Nilgiris

It was some kind of a private joke between them. Sajan had just gestured toward someone on the road passing-by and winked at Anjali. She hit him laughingly on the shoulder as she fastened her seat belt. Climate had suddenly changed. From sunny and sultry to chilly and rainy. Being a long weekend, they decided to set of to the picturesque Nilgiris by car. They loaded their car with their favorite music, charged up the SLR , threw in a couple of pairs of clothes and set off.

Both being in the Advertising field, had met during one of their project assignments, instantly got attracted to one another. Over a whirlwind of romance, they figured they were made for one another.Both were of fond of adventure sports, jazz music, dance and their ofcourse their profession as well. They made a stunning looking couple. Sajan, tall, fair , brown eyed athletic and with a deep soothing voice. And Anjali dimpled, frail and khol eyed beauty. Friends envied them. Relatives spoke about them constantly. They were the center of attraction wherever they went and made heads turn.

They had traveled quite a bit covering the Himalayan ranges, Tibet , beaches of Goa and temples of Hampi. Anjali had long been wanting to travel to Nilgiris and when they got the long weekend, they decided to set off. Laughing and singing their favorite songs, they started their climb. He suddenly stopped singing and concentrated on the road , his vision was getting blurred because of dense fog. There was zero visibility. It started raining. A slight drizzle at first. Then started to pour. She got scared and asked him to pull over, but he refused, since he wanted to reach the hotel before the weather got worse. Not knowing, that there was one unfortunate hair-pin bend, which would ruin their picture-perfect life. He turned left. But, There was no road on the left. There was a ditch. The car hit a stone and went down the slope.

There was a scream. Then there was silence.

To Be continued...

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Madhumathi said...

plz dont let death creep in between... I hate the tragic ending for such loving couple....i would not mind if it is for ending an unhappy relationship.