Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Emosanal Atyachaar

A co-worker today casually remarked, "I sent my husband to office, sent my kid to school and just sat down on the sofa and cried.There was no reason. Everything was fine. It was a normal morning. The daughter behaved well. The husband was normal. Everything was just..normal. But I cried. And I cried a lot. As if the world's burden were on my frail slim shoulders. I can't understand this. I am so depressed."

It struck me quite strange. But I have to admit this has happened to me as well. I have cried in the past with no reason.

And felt a lot better later.

The emotions I sometimes have to deal with are so sine wave-ish. What is it with me? Is it because of being 'newly-married' (a term i have come to detest. Its been a full year man. Nothing is new now.) , is it to do with work pressure ? Is it the complexity of relationships around me? Or is it just because I am a woman and women generally lead lives with so much of emotional mess?

Most often I don't even understand them. Some days on a total high. Some days on a total rock bottom low. Some just mediocre. Normal. If I had to plot a graph of the past year, I am sure no scientist would make any sense of them. Too many highs, quite a few lows as well.

Am tired of the crazy happazard sine wave. It is High time now. I need to have a balanced life.

Bring it on , Dear Life. Let me see if I can plot a better graph next year.


Goda Ramkumar said...

I can relate 100% with you and your colleague :)

Chaitali said...

Same story told by someelse differently!!:)

Sandhya Biswas said...

:) A reality read!

Subbu said...
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Subbu said...

Hi, just had chance to read your blog good work. I think your friend help; if she is crying in a normal day then she needs help right away. It is quite possible she is not doing what she wanted do, But she has to continue what she is doing because that’s what people around her expecting.
I think you need to help her to identify that one activity that brings joy and sense of accomplishment.

Vasumathi Sridharan said...


Man, you are a psycologist as well? :-) Yes, she is in deep trouble. We help her in any way we can, but she needs to help herself first. To each his own.

Kaushik said...

It is not really a girl-thing. Men may probably not shed tears, but similar exasperation tears them apart. I've sometimes wanted to cry my heart out. At the end, it seems like some kind of purgation - you feel clean though as a guy, it's quite embarrassing, even if you're alone.
But then, we just pick ourselves up and move on.
(PS: The song that's playing on my Media Player now is "Koduthadhellam...avan yaarukkaaga..." :D)

Vasumathi Sridharan said...


Ah, that is an interesting point of view. I somehow never bothered to find out what men do. In fact, I did not even think, men will face such times. Cant imagine my dad or husband going through that. For me, in my mind, they are just so strong and brave, that nothing can break them to pieces (Natural i suppose because they are my heroes).

Now that you mentioned it, will need to think :-)