Friday, November 6, 2009

De cluttering....Life!

The minute I utter the word, 'De clutter', the first thought is that of a spic and span house, spic and span cupboard and so on. Ever thought of all the clutter on your Desktop/Laptop ?

We all have E-Mail Ids and most of us have multiple E Mail accounts. Ever thought of the clutter there? It is very important to de clutter E-Mails. Have separate folders for important projects. Create Rules for E Mails from Admin/HR/Payroll/Policies for official mailbox and have Lables like Family/Friends/Extended-Family/Guitar-Notes/Imp-Links and so on.

If you have subscribed to a group, and the settings for that Group have been set as "E Mail each time there is an update", then your mailbox gets absolutely flooded. This can be solved by setting the Group settings to "Send me Abridged Mails". So that you get the updates once a day, and you can chose which thread to read. The mailbox looked clearer and you save time reading the ones that you are interested in.

Also, it makes sense to create a separate account, just for groups that you subscribe to, so that you don't lose out on personal mails. I learnt these simple lessons , when I almost lost an important mail from a dear friend. I was about to delete it thinking it was spam, since it was buried under some music related group e-mails.

We amass enough and more information in the form of files. Ever logged into your computer and thought, "My God! i cant see my desktop background". I know some people who have some 50 files on the desktop. Also, it is a good idea to organize everything inside a drive, with meaningful names to folders. It helps to search and find stuff faster.

De cluttering is a great stress-buster and you are left with a very good feeling of satisfaction after having..done it!

I am beginning start living a decluttered life. Are you?


Sumanth Suresh said...

good one.. i experience the cluttering very often.. and each time it is cleared, it starts forming again.. and i have to clear it up all over again :)

Aditya said...

I do declutter and whenever i access my close friends systems i do the same..keep only rrecycle bin on the desktop :) ! :)